All Goes In A Blur.

Hola Chicaz.

Sorry for not posting in a while, well, here is Boston!

Boston was awesome :). It was the best trip, EVER! We had so much fun, and we were without our parents. Double bonus :). Let me stop talking so I could till you about it...

Wednesday (First day at BeanTown XD).

4 Hour Bus Ride with 35 teenagers = CrAzY.

Yeah, that was a crazy ride to Boston. But it was awesome. We pictochatted (you know, DS), took funny videos, ate TONS of junk food, and watched movies. Oh, and I sat next to my BFF Angelina :).

First stop= Quincy Market. Wondering what that is? Well, it's sort of like a mall with a food court, but so much cooler. We ate pizza, and Boston pizza is really good :). Anyway, I just want to let you guys know that Boston has the cutest boys...and we counted XD. There was 64 of them. Yeah, we are a little pathetic XP. Anyway, our teacher is super-ooper nice, so she let us go shopping after we ate! So we walked around, went inside the Gap, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and more. But I didn't get much except for these awesome glasses I got at the Gap for $5.

Then, our tourguide met us up. Oh god, let me tell you one thing about her. She talks on, and on, and on. So on the bus, we just put on our sunglasses and fell asleep x]. He he. Then we went on the freedom trail. That was long, but soo interesting and informative. God, i'm sounding with my teacher.

Anyway... after hours of touring and walking, we went to go eat dinner...@ the Hard Rock cafe! Whoooo! I sat with my bff Angelina, Alexis, and for some reason Christan sat with us. Btw, that is the Hard Rock Cafe, it was beautiful! All of the rock icons, autographs of celebs, gosh it was amazing. The food was really good to :). I ordered a cheeseburger and soda, a normal...he he. After that, we went to our hotel. I figured out I was roomed with my friends Genna, Natalie, Ashley, and of course me. We got a the hotel around...10 pm ish. All we did for the rest of the night is party :).

Thursday (Second Day With Red Sockz. :]).

Best day out of all 3 of them. Wondering why? Harvard! Yes, thats what I said :). Well, let me start from the beginning. We woke up to the weirdest wake up call ever (at 5:40 in the morning!), "The sweet AHH of Shearton Suite hotels". I just hung up. We got dressed and went down to our wonderful breakfast buffet XD. That was really good. Well, after that we took this other tour thing, then we went to the besst place in the world. Yeah HARVARD! It was amazing! And guess what? Gracie gave me this idea, it's me walking (or running) up the steps of Harvard's library! Enjoy! :)

Lol, so yeah. We went on a tour through all of Harvard. Ever wondering what Harvard looks like? Well, here are some pictures (with captions under it). Enjoy (again)!

This is the fabulous statue of John Harvard, founder of Harvard.

Lol, cute banners hanging around the place.

The Library! (Gosh, i wonder how many books are in there).

Ahh, wonderful walk way. :)

Ve Ri Tas, the Harvard moto.

That was one awesome place. Well, after that we went to the Duck tour! Quack Quack! Now that was awesome! Sorry, I don't have pictures because I didn't want to get my camera wet, but it was really cool. It was a bus that turned into a BOAT! Well, that explains that....

After that, we got back on the bus and went to go eat at a restaurant called Joe Tecces ( I don't think I spelt it right..). It was pretty good, but the Hard Rock Cafe' was MUCH better.

After dinner, we had a pool partayy (lmao)! It was soo much fun! Mostly everyone went in, but SOME people were embarrassed with their bodies, so they didn't go in. But the annoying thing was that all of the boys were STARING at the girl with the low bikinis. And i'm not surprised. But besides that, the pool was warm, so it was okay.

Friday (Last Day At DreamLand :[ ).

Ahh, last day was nice, except for the fact that it RAINED THE WHOLE DAY! Sorry, I lost my cool (if I even had any). Well, we woke up, ate breakfast. Then, we went to the Mayflower II. Would of taking pictures, but they weren't allowed :[. Then we went to this Plymouth Plantation thing...it was accutally cool though. There were all of these people were in role-play, he he.

Then, we had to unfortunally leave Boston...

The 4 hour bus trip home was an interesting one. We saw Benchwarmers, and Twilight, caught up with amazing pictures, and read Teen Vouge the whole time. Wow, i still wish I could be there.

Over and Out,


  1. Sounds like so much fun!

    I enjoyed the video:)

  2. Okay, umm... I don't know WHY I haven't commented on this yet?! It looks like you had an awesome possum trip! I love all of the pictures, and the video of you running haha. Nice shoes :) The bus ride also sounds quite interesting hahaha. When we went on a trip to Washington D.C. in eighth grade I ended up in the very last seat of the bus right next to the bathroom... so we would NOT let anyone in there because of course we didn't want to be stuck next to that for the next how ever many hours haha. I remember watching Zoolander....

    Anywhoo, it looks like a blast :D

  3. I love the Hard ROck Cafe in Boston! Did you go in the bathrooms? haha it's sick! Haha the duck tours scare me. especially in the water! next time you end up in Boston definitly check out the museum of science & the aquarium. I love Boston!

  4. Lol, i do to.
    Thanks for the comment.
    Yeah, Boston is awesome. :)

  5. The pictures are so nice. I wish our school went to Boston. Maybe this year.

  6. I actually made my entire blog layout. I'm a blog designer. :)


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