9 o'clock and nothing to do.
yes, it is 9 o'clock at night and bored, nothing to do. now i am on hulu.com watching Family Guy, not a good way to spend a night. anyway, tomorrow we have a trip to the wonderful Sterling Mines, a mine somewhere in New Jersey. can't wait to go :). no, it sort of isn't about the trip, its about how we are allowed to use cell phones and IPODS. all. DAY.

school and ipod = ♥




Today, while driving, I got a text message, so I turned down the radio to answer it. I'm still not sure why I did that. MLIA

Today, I went toaster shopping since my old one broke, I saw two on sale toasters, one ordinary toaster and one children's toaster that imprints the Batman logo onto the bread. I'm satisfied with my purchase, I now make Batman bread constantly. MLIA.

A few days ago I changed my log on sound on my computer to gunshots so that I could scare my mom when she gets onto the computer. Today I forgot about it and scared the crap out of myself. MLIA

Today, my roommate began a conversation with, "You know what's depressing about these animal crackers?... The tortoise and the hare are facing different directions, so you can't race them." For shame, Animal Cracker company, for shame. MLIA

Today I woke up early, remembered it was Sunday, and gratefully went back to sleep. Then the alarm went off. It's Wednesday. MLIA

Yesterday, I had a quiz in math. There was 9 questions. 1-8 were standard math questions. Number 9 said "Good Luck". At the end of the test I put "thank you". Guess who got an extra credit point? MLIA.

Today, my little sister told me what she wanted to be for halloween. Her friends are all dressing up as princesses and fairies. She wants to be a roll of salmon sushi. I begin making her costume tomorrow. MLIA.

yes, my life is average is one of the most important things in my life.
i sware to god, i spend more then 3 hours on it every day.
don't judge me. (;

claire ♥