Awesomee. (;

Another rainy saturday.
What to do, what to do.
I'm probably just going to hang at my house all day...not that exciting. But tomorrow is the annual festival that my town always throws, so I can't waitt. (;

I know this is randomm, but I am totally in love with the band nevershoutnever. My friend Katherine told me about them, and they rock. Well, all the band really is one person Chris Drew Ingle (hess amazing). But i'm totally in love with them. Check them outt. (;

 Anyone care to take a look a my camera collection?
Yeah, I don't have much, I just startedd. (;

I  hope you have a wonderful Saturday. x)


  1. OMG! I love that song!!!!

  2. That song has been my ringtone for forever, haha... I can't get enough of Christofer Drew :) He has a YouTube account, which makes me very happy.

    Your cameras look very cool! And hey, a collection has to start somewhere, right?


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