All Goes In A Blur.

Hola Chicaz.

Sorry for not posting in a while, well, here is Boston!

Boston was awesome :). It was the best trip, EVER! We had so much fun, and we were without our parents. Double bonus :). Let me stop talking so I could till you about it...

Wednesday (First day at BeanTown XD).

4 Hour Bus Ride with 35 teenagers = CrAzY.

Yeah, that was a crazy ride to Boston. But it was awesome. We pictochatted (you know, DS), took funny videos, ate TONS of junk food, and watched movies. Oh, and I sat next to my BFF Angelina :).

First stop= Quincy Market. Wondering what that is? Well, it's sort of like a mall with a food court, but so much cooler. We ate pizza, and Boston pizza is really good :). Anyway, I just want to let you guys know that Boston has the cutest boys...and we counted XD. There was 64 of them. Yeah, we are a little pathetic XP. Anyway, our teacher is super-ooper nice, so she let us go shopping after we ate! So we walked around, went inside the Gap, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and more. But I didn't get much except for these awesome glasses I got at the Gap for $5.

Then, our tourguide met us up. Oh god, let me tell you one thing about her. She talks on, and on, and on. So on the bus, we just put on our sunglasses and fell asleep x]. He he. Then we went on the freedom trail. That was long, but soo interesting and informative. God, i'm sounding with my teacher.

Anyway... after hours of touring and walking, we went to go eat dinner...@ the Hard Rock cafe! Whoooo! I sat with my bff Angelina, Alexis, and for some reason Christan sat with us. Btw, that is the Hard Rock Cafe, it was beautiful! All of the rock icons, autographs of celebs, gosh it was amazing. The food was really good to :). I ordered a cheeseburger and soda, a normal...he he. After that, we went to our hotel. I figured out I was roomed with my friends Genna, Natalie, Ashley, and of course me. We got a the hotel around...10 pm ish. All we did for the rest of the night is party :).

Thursday (Second Day With Red Sockz. :]).

Best day out of all 3 of them. Wondering why? Harvard! Yes, thats what I said :). Well, let me start from the beginning. We woke up to the weirdest wake up call ever (at 5:40 in the morning!), "The sweet AHH of Shearton Suite hotels". I just hung up. We got dressed and went down to our wonderful breakfast buffet XD. That was really good. Well, after that we took this other tour thing, then we went to the besst place in the world. Yeah HARVARD! It was amazing! And guess what? Gracie gave me this idea, it's me walking (or running) up the steps of Harvard's library! Enjoy! :)

Lol, so yeah. We went on a tour through all of Harvard. Ever wondering what Harvard looks like? Well, here are some pictures (with captions under it). Enjoy (again)!

This is the fabulous statue of John Harvard, founder of Harvard.

Lol, cute banners hanging around the place.

The Library! (Gosh, i wonder how many books are in there).

Ahh, wonderful walk way. :)

Ve Ri Tas, the Harvard moto.

That was one awesome place. Well, after that we went to the Duck tour! Quack Quack! Now that was awesome! Sorry, I don't have pictures because I didn't want to get my camera wet, but it was really cool. It was a bus that turned into a BOAT! Well, that explains that....

After that, we got back on the bus and went to go eat at a restaurant called Joe Tecces ( I don't think I spelt it right..). It was pretty good, but the Hard Rock Cafe' was MUCH better.

After dinner, we had a pool partayy (lmao)! It was soo much fun! Mostly everyone went in, but SOME people were embarrassed with their bodies, so they didn't go in. But the annoying thing was that all of the boys were STARING at the girl with the low bikinis. And i'm not surprised. But besides that, the pool was warm, so it was okay.

Friday (Last Day At DreamLand :[ ).

Ahh, last day was nice, except for the fact that it RAINED THE WHOLE DAY! Sorry, I lost my cool (if I even had any). Well, we woke up, ate breakfast. Then, we went to the Mayflower II. Would of taking pictures, but they weren't allowed :[. Then we went to this Plymouth Plantation thing...it was accutally cool though. There were all of these people were in role-play, he he.

Then, we had to unfortunally leave Boston...

The 4 hour bus trip home was an interesting one. We saw Benchwarmers, and Twilight, caught up with amazing pictures, and read Teen Vouge the whole time. Wow, i still wish I could be there.

Over and Out,


Let it Shine

And she'll have fun fun fun till her daddy takes the T-Bird away...

Sorry, i'm in a very supercalifragilisticexpealidocious mood today :D. Tomorrow is Boston. Hehe. I have been waiting for this day in such a long time. And guess what? I just finished packing.;) Well, i just want to tell you guys that i will TRY as hard as i can to post when i am in Boston, because my DSi gets Wi-Fi. But i most likely won`t. Tell you every little bitty detail when i get back. Farewell my fellow bloggers. Wish me luckk!

With Love,

p.s. Great job in the play Gracie! :D


Flying With The Rainbow Unicorns


Well, guess what? Right now i am posting, from my DSi! I have finally got it to work! He he. Well, right now I am sitting on my couch watching X-Men III. I haven't seen the new one so i have to watch this one first. lol.

I need some advice! Does anyone know any realy fun DS games? I am going to get a new games soon, but i don't know which one 2 get. So please type an awesome game in the box below. XD.

Wait! I just remembered something! I forgot to talk about the American Idol winner in my last post. Well, lets get one thing straight. I did not want Kris Allen to win. But he did do pretty good. lol, that last show was very interesting. Bikini girl, and Kara in a bikini singing. That was one interesting night. But i still believe that Adam should of won.

Wait! Since I am on my DSi, I can't upload vids. But I can send you the URL.
Well, watch it! It is Glee doing you are the one that I want. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyJyKNcwlzA

Well g2g watch a movie.



Lucy In The Skies With Unicorns.


I am supper happy right now. I don't know why...but I just am. Well, I just woke up. One of the reasons I am super happy is because today I am getting a DSi! Yeah! And this time I am accually getting it with my own money. lol. Well, anyway, yesterday when my Dad picked us up in the car, we would wave to people and go "ello!". It was hilarious! lol.

This weekend I have to study for tests. >:P. Yeah, but than on Monday I have a Parade. Ughhh. Then I have to pack for boston on Monday because Boston is on Wednesday. Yeha, I am a little bit of a procrastinator...

Well, g2g watch videos about my DSi!

Wait! Before I go, I want to send a shoutout to my bestfriend Gracie. Today she is going to be in a play, and she is going to play a girl named Jill. I hope you do a wonderful job!

Enjoy this awesome music video!


P.S. Sorry for the short post!


Thats Weird In About 825.33 Different Ways.


Wait, now I sound like that (amazing) song by Beyonce. Well, happy Wednesday! Yes, there is a Happy Wednesday, well especially today. Because today is the American Idol finale! Yeahh! I can't wait 2 see who wins. Well, here is the past few days for ya...


Wow, that was one interesting day. It was D.A.R.E. graduation! WhoooO! Well, remember when I told you we had to make skits? Ours came out great! No one in our group messed up, and I am soo happy for that! Everyone else did awesome two. We got little goodies (in a goodie bag) for finishing D.A.R.E. Which included a yo-yo (cheapest thing, it already broke), a ruler, one of those rubber bracelet things that said D.A.R.E. on it of course, we got sweatbands, and other stuff you probabley don't want 2 hear about. Anyway, we got D.A.R.E. tee-shirts, and of course signed on the back of them. Mine looks like someone threw up on it XD. Wait, I forgot something. Lets backtrack a little...

Before the D.A.R.E. graduation, I went to the park with my friends Kj, Mia, Alexis, and Eli. We had funn! Eli and I threw sticks at each other, funny huh? Then, we went on the swings for about an hour...fun right?


Remember when I told you that we won the Panasonic contest? And remember when I told you we were going 2 go to my teacher's sister's restaurant? It didn't really work out...so we went to Houlihans! I ordered a Brentwood Chicken Sandwich...and a Shirley temple..yummy! Well, you know how they say if you put a cherry stem in your mouth and tie it into a knot, your a good kisser? Well, I did it twice, so I guess i'm a great kisser (?). lol.

After that, we went to my friends house. We had dinner and watched American Idol. Omg! Wow, this com. is tough! Yeah, I know that there is only 2 people, but they rock! After American Idol, Glee finally came on! Sorry if you don't know what I am talking about, but it is this h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s new show on Fox. Watch it. Love it.

Wednesday (today).

Well, today was sort of regular. Besides the fact that the class toured the school we are going to next year! I am sort of scared..but the school is pretty cool. I sort of don't want to go next year, but then I sort of do....

Now, I am watching American Idol, wishing Adam Lambert will win. I am super nervous because this site says that Kris Allen won, because last year they did analzzee stuff and they were right. But you should never trust a website. So i'm not sure. Right now Keith Urban and Kris Allen are playing, so they will probably announce the winner at the end of the show.

Well, g2g watch!



Cows All Over My Pajama Pants.

Hey guys!

Yeah, there really are cows all over my pajama pants. Anyway, remember that camping trip that I told you about? Well, it was amazing! The Girl Scout troop came and we had so much fun. Except for one horrendous thing. We didn't get to go real camping. Confused? Let me explain.

Well, it has been raining like crazy. So the place got rained out :(. Yeah, it sucks. So Olivia, Alexis, and I set up a 9 person tent in her small backyard. Even though the tent was small, we had a blast. Can you take a guess how many hours we slept? Well, about...2 hours. Yeah. We watched movies, had a dance party (yeah, in a tent), made smores, and more! That night reminded me of a quote..

"A true friend is someone who thinks you're a good egg even though he knows you're slightly cracked".

When we woke up (after 2 hours of sleep), all of the Girl Scouts left. Except Olivia, Alexia, and I left. We spent that whole day playing and making things in the tent. We made these really funny sock things. There like sock monkeys. Of course, Alexis came out with the best one. Olivia's...well lets just say the tail was bigger then the body. So Alexis made her a new one. Mine came out really weird, so I named it Driew, prono. Which is "weird" backwards. So original...lol.

Then, a double sleepover came. Yippie! That one, we actually slept for 7 hours. And here we are. Well, remember when I told you that we didn't get to go camping? Well, we got our money back, and our Girl Scout leader told us we could use the money for something else. So we decided that we could all see a Taylor Swift concert! But it is not definite yet. It will be very hard to get tickets to, but we will try.

Well, enjoy Sunday!



A Good Friend Will Know How You Take Your Coffee.

What is with the random titles?

Wait, I don't even LIKE coffee? Lets change the subject. Testing give me headaches, ugh. Today we started MATH! It was totally easy. I totally passed flying colors! The worst...I personally enjoy language. (Sorry to all the Math lovers out there!) The lang tests are pretty long though. It goes to 8:30 am to 11:30 am! But luckly we got breaks! I haven't been writing my book...I don't know why. I have to finish!!! I haven't even written the 2nd chapter. Also, if anyone wants to give me some idea that could happen in the book, write it in the awesome comment box below. Hopefully, i'll finish it by today...

Guess what? Well, you probably can't guess what I am going to say, but I will tell you anyway. My girlscout troop is going camping on Friday! We are going to a site called "Camp Taylor". I think we will be staying until Sunday, I am not sure. But yesterday when we had our Girl Scout troop meeting, we set up all of the tents to make sure we had all of the parts. And of course we did :). So we dragged one of the tents in front of Olivia's house (2 houses away) and we just stayed in there and did funn stuff! We brought the radio, and we were with one my besties Rayna. Oh, and I forgot to say that when we were walking home, Mia, Alexis, and I picked up these awesome little catapillar things on the ground! They were sooo cute! I got the fattest one...so I called it Sid. Idk why :?. We had funnn.

Did anyone watch American Idol? It is getting really good! Right now Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, and Kris Allen are still in the competition. Tonight I hope Kris Allen gets out...sorry to all the Kris lovers. Here is the order of the winners for me...
  • Adam Lambert 1st
  • Danny Gokey 2nd
  • Kris Allen 3rd
lol, notice the gold silver and bronze? What is the order you think should win?

Oh, I know I am asking a stupid question...but what is tagging? Yeah, I know. But I still don't know what it is and it's getting me angry...X[. What is it? Please type it in the magical box down there. Man, today I gotz a lot of questions!

I don't know if I told you peoplez, but there was this supppperrr cute bag @ Claire's one day. I was gonna get it, but it was $20 and I didn't have the money. Well, Gracie knows how much I LOVE the bag, that she did a internet drawing thingee of it 4 me! Here it is..

Isn't it good? Well, today I am going to my Dad's house, then I will still be talking to Gracie. Bye!



I'm A Sucker...

For anything acoustic. 

What did you think I was going to say?
Anyway, we just finished the first day of brutal testing. Ugh, though it is really easy. All we had to do was read to passages, answer questions about the passages, and write a four page persuasive essay. But overall, it was easy.

After the testing, the principal brought us out to the park, which of course was super boring. The whole 45 minutes I practically just sat on the swings...ugh. Then I saw the Cliques in the corner whispering...not surprised. So I just ignored them.... What is which Cliques? Ugh, I wish they could be blown off the (now melting) planet.

Oh wait! You know how I am writing a book? The name of the book is "I'm Not Like Other Girls". Well, I released the 1st chapter to the world! Well...fine, if you want to read it...XD

“Tyler, aren’t you coming? We can’t be late for the first day of school!” Riley says from downstairs.
“Just wait one second! I’m almost done!” I yell back down to her. Great, another year of school. Just what I need right? One of the hardest things about going back to school is of course, what you are going to wear. I have been up here for 10 minutes trying to find an outfit. Oh well, don’t want to be late, so I grab my tote, and head for the stair case. 
“What took you so long?” Riley says as soon as she sees me. 
“Couldn’t find an outfit, so I just threw this on. Do I look ok?” I respond.
“Yeah you look great.” Riley says. “Now can we please go? I want to get my schedule ahead of time so I could get my new locker ready”.
“Yeah, let’s go”.

Wow, school looked exactly the same. Lockers aligning the hallways, Cliques off in the corner trying to start the newest rumor, and of course, the cutest boys in school just chatting.
The Clique girls give me a headache. They always look super cute in preppy pink outfits with there Marc Jacob handbags. Sometimes I just wish I could be apart of the Clique. You know nice outfits, the highest in the food chain, and being popular. 
But then I realize I like my life the way it is. I love hanging out in the bedroom rocking out to Paramore and doodling in my notebook. I love being with my best friend Riley and going nuts like we usually do.
“Were going to be later for zero period!” Riley says out of nowhere. 
“Um, Riley, you can’t be late for zero period”.
“Yeah, I know. I just want to get a table before anyone else does. Come on.”
Riley and I catch a table near the trash cans. Oh well, at least we won’t have to sit on the ground. I pull out my iPod and my notebook and listen to “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting Tings, and just write. I start to write a poem, but then I crumple up the paper and throw it in the trash can.
“Ring RING”! The bell rings, time to go to class.

Well, it isn't gramatically correct yet..so yeah.
Comment to tell me if you like/dislike it! You could also tell advice and things like that. Oh, and by the way, I am NOT  very good writer, so sorry. X[

I am going to close of this post with an optical illusion. I don't know why, but I just am.

Liar Pictures, Images and Photos

Well? What do you think it is? The word Liar? A Man's profile? 



You Tube Fanatic

Ello British Buddies.

Anyway, Hello! Sorry, I don’t know what is with the British thing.Right now I am just chilling. I might do nothing this weekend. I don’t know. The thing that is interesting is that I am at my Dad’s house on Mother’s Day weekend. My Dad says that he will drop me off for Mother’s day on Sunday. So yeah. I am sooo bored right now. Just talking to Gracie on Skype. Listening to “Right Round” and “Fences” is my ideal Dad’s weekend.


Today my hair was different. I know it’s random. But something was weird about my hair today. It was like, wavyish and straight at the same time. So I put it in a bun. Then, like 4 hours later, I took my bun out and my hair looked really cool. Everyone kept on complementing me. Lol. I felt pretty good. Now, it is normalish. I should put my hair in buns more often ;).


Sorry for talking to you about my hair. Anyway, tomorrow I might go to my friend Samantha and Isabelle’s house. So I might not post tomorrow. Just wanted to tell you!Wow, I just noticed, but I have been getting a lot of comments in my posts! Lol. I used to get like, 2 comments in like each post. But now I get like 5! Wow! Lol. Thank you sooo much for commenting people! lol. =]


Thinking about making a You Tube account. Idk. NOT going to put my face on it, but going to add pictures and stuff. Idk. Btw, I have a question for you guys. What websites do you like to visit? Twitter? Facebook? What? I get really bored, so help!


Just finished reading a book I just started this morning. Yeah, I am sort of a fast reader. It was really good. It was called "What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know". It is by the same author that wrote "What My Mother Doesn't Know" and "One Of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies". I plan on reading all of them! "What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know" is one of my *new* favorite books.

About to watch "Grease". Best musical ever! "Summer Loving, had me at last". lol. Sorry.

G2g bye!



Tomorrow is A New Day.

Hello Darling,
Anyway, days have been compelling.
And boring. Well, do you remember that Panasonic video that I told you that I did? If you didn't, sorry. But this is great for me! Today, we found out that *drum roll please...*

We Won The Panasonic Contest! Best Video In The Country!

Yes, our class one. But we don't get anything. The Panasonic company used to send all of the children that one to a very resplendent restaurant, but with the darn economy they can't afford it. So my teacher is bringing us to one of her sisters restaurants. So yeah.


Gosh, my May schedule is packed! Next week, I have meaningless Ask testing. Great. It starts the 11th-14th. Monday and Tuesday I am doing Language Arts and on Wednesday and Thursday I am doing Math. I am looking forward to finishing it! lol. Then on May 18th, we have our magnificent D.A.R.E. graduation! Oh, fun! lol. Anyway, our class has to perform a skit about drugs. Not the way you are probably are thinking...lol. I made up most of the skit...lol. Next, on the 19th we are going to my teacher's sisters' restaurant. Then, on the 21st we have a pizza party.

Last (but defiantly not least) we go to BOSTON! Yeah, Boston. I can't wait! We are staying at the Sharton Braintree hotel. I searched it on the computer this morning and many people gave it five stars! I have sooo much things to bring. Even though we are only staying for 3 days....anyway. We are taking a bus ride there. A 4 hour bus ride! The whole time I am going to be sitting with (one of) my best friends Angelina watching movies (twilight) on my dad's iPod touch. So yeah.


Omg, right now I am watching American Idol. Did you see Paula Abdul? Omg, I mean, lady your 50ish! Your not supposed to wear inappropriate outfits in front of little kids! I mean, COVER UP! And seriously, her voice sounded like it was remixed by a broken robot! Btw, I am not a Paula hater. Just making a point, that she can't sing. lol. Anyway, I wish I could of seen Simons face during the whole thing. XD


This school yeah has gone by sooo fast! I mean, it's already MAY! I was talking to my principal the other day, and he told me that after we come back from Boston, we have 10 more day for school! 10! I don't want to go into the high school! UGGGHHHH! Why God? I don't want to leave my school! Well, at least this would be a new experience for me...


Well, I have to finish American Idol, so everyone have a great night!



Black Dress w/ the Tights Underneth. XP

Hyiiia. XD
Wow, weekend goes by fast, all in a blur.
Anyway, the Music and Arts festival was awesome! Tell you about my whole weekend, coming up in a few short moments...

Wow, great day. I slept over Gracie with a couple of my buds. Olivia, Alexis, Kree, Gracie, and I had a blast. 7pm (kree wasn't here yet =[) we walked to Blockbuster. But after 5 minutes of walking in the poring RAIN, Gracie called a cab. lol, anyway. We crammed into the back seat, and went to Blockbuster. We were going to go get this really good movie called "The Cake Eaters" with Kristen Stewert. But it was rated R. Ugh..so we got Bride Wars. Well, we got home, put on our warm pjs, and started watching Bride Wars. Kree came during the movie. Then for the rest of the night, we ate Luigis italian ice and watching "The Landlord".

We were hanging out with my babi. ♥

Saturday was a blast! Woke up, we ate. We tried on makeup, different outfits, ugh. lol. Then, we walked around town, had fun. Went to Panera, prank called a couple of peoplee. Moved on. Went to a flea market. We went to this store with Webkinz in it. I don't like them, but I saw the Zebra! It is super cute.

Went back to Gracies. Ate so much junk food we probably would have gotten at least 5 cavaties. Watched Juno. Went home. what a day....

Sunday: Music and Art's festival! Tons of fun. We walked around the town. Had a blast! lol. A lot of the stuff was super cute, but the darn economy made everything soooo expensive! So after walking around the thing for an hour, we went inside this new bakery by the parade called "Crumbs". Gracie and I split a wonderful vanilla cupcake with sprinkles. Am I making your mouth water? lol. Well, here is a picture to make you more hungry... XD.

Awww. Dosen't that look good? lol. Anyway, after we walked around for 30 more awesome minutes. Then, we went to the best food on earth. Yeah, its Johnny Rockets! Yeah! Johnny Rockets, the best food place EVER (my opinion ;-]). Gracie, Alexis, and I ordered one kids meal (chicken nuggets) which came with french fries, and a drink. But we upgraded the drink to a malt and shared it. It was wonderful.

This is the wonderful (here finished) malt.

You know how they put little smiley faces on the ketchup? Well, we did it in a peace sign!

After that, we just walked to CVS and got some Air Heads. Yeah, I think im addicted. After, we walked to Barnes and Noble. There, we didn't buy any thing, but we looked through magazines and through those "little miss" books.

Yeah. Fun fun fun! lol. I had a great time a Gracie's house. After, we went to her house, made cupcakes and watched "The Cake Eaters". Wow, great weekend! XD

Best weekend ever! lol.



Sleepover fun!

Well, this is going to be a really short post.

Anyway, just letting you guys know that I am @ Gracie's house having a sleepover with Kree, Olivia, Alexis, Gracie, and I! We just had one last night. Hopefully, we could have another one 2nite.

We just came back from shopping around Gracie's town. I got some...
  • Vitiman water (best drink ever).
  • Really cute bangles.
  • A Kipling bag @ a flea market for $5. Yeah, FIVE DOLLARS!
  • And a free comic book!

Yeah, and the fun continues. We might go to this festival in Gracie's town tomorrow. It's called the Music and Arts festival. I can't wait! I go every year and it is sooo much fun! Well, I will try to keep you guys updated. My computer at my mom's house dosen't work, so yeah.

Have a great day!