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Ello British Buddies.

Anyway, Hello! Sorry, I don’t know what is with the British thing.Right now I am just chilling. I might do nothing this weekend. I don’t know. The thing that is interesting is that I am at my Dad’s house on Mother’s Day weekend. My Dad says that he will drop me off for Mother’s day on Sunday. So yeah. I am sooo bored right now. Just talking to Gracie on Skype. Listening to “Right Round” and “Fences” is my ideal Dad’s weekend.


Today my hair was different. I know it’s random. But something was weird about my hair today. It was like, wavyish and straight at the same time. So I put it in a bun. Then, like 4 hours later, I took my bun out and my hair looked really cool. Everyone kept on complementing me. Lol. I felt pretty good. Now, it is normalish. I should put my hair in buns more often ;).


Sorry for talking to you about my hair. Anyway, tomorrow I might go to my friend Samantha and Isabelle’s house. So I might not post tomorrow. Just wanted to tell you!Wow, I just noticed, but I have been getting a lot of comments in my posts! Lol. I used to get like, 2 comments in like each post. But now I get like 5! Wow! Lol. Thank you sooo much for commenting people! lol. =]


Thinking about making a You Tube account. Idk. NOT going to put my face on it, but going to add pictures and stuff. Idk. Btw, I have a question for you guys. What websites do you like to visit? Twitter? Facebook? What? I get really bored, so help!


Just finished reading a book I just started this morning. Yeah, I am sort of a fast reader. It was really good. It was called "What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know". It is by the same author that wrote "What My Mother Doesn't Know" and "One Of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies". I plan on reading all of them! "What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know" is one of my *new* favorite books.

About to watch "Grease". Best musical ever! "Summer Loving, had me at last". lol. Sorry.

G2g bye!



  1. We go together like
    Remembered for ever like
    That's the way it should be-EEEE! Wahoo! Yeah!
    I'm sorry. I got a little carried away.
    Don't ever be afraid to talk about something. Someone will always want to read about it. So go ahead; talk about your hair.

  2. I looveeee British accents! They're pretty much the best things ever.

    My hair is evil! It has all the symptoms of curly hair (i.e. extreme puffyness and frizziness) without the curls :P Instead its just wavyish and blah.

    I spend way too much time on YouTube... then there's Blogger, MySpace, and Facebook.

    The books sound neat :)


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