Tomorrow is A New Day.

Hello Darling,
Anyway, days have been compelling.
And boring. Well, do you remember that Panasonic video that I told you that I did? If you didn't, sorry. But this is great for me! Today, we found out that *drum roll please...*

We Won The Panasonic Contest! Best Video In The Country!

Yes, our class one. But we don't get anything. The Panasonic company used to send all of the children that one to a very resplendent restaurant, but with the darn economy they can't afford it. So my teacher is bringing us to one of her sisters restaurants. So yeah.


Gosh, my May schedule is packed! Next week, I have meaningless Ask testing. Great. It starts the 11th-14th. Monday and Tuesday I am doing Language Arts and on Wednesday and Thursday I am doing Math. I am looking forward to finishing it! lol. Then on May 18th, we have our magnificent D.A.R.E. graduation! Oh, fun! lol. Anyway, our class has to perform a skit about drugs. Not the way you are probably are thinking...lol. I made up most of the skit...lol. Next, on the 19th we are going to my teacher's sisters' restaurant. Then, on the 21st we have a pizza party.

Last (but defiantly not least) we go to BOSTON! Yeah, Boston. I can't wait! We are staying at the Sharton Braintree hotel. I searched it on the computer this morning and many people gave it five stars! I have sooo much things to bring. Even though we are only staying for 3 days....anyway. We are taking a bus ride there. A 4 hour bus ride! The whole time I am going to be sitting with (one of) my best friends Angelina watching movies (twilight) on my dad's iPod touch. So yeah.


Omg, right now I am watching American Idol. Did you see Paula Abdul? Omg, I mean, lady your 50ish! Your not supposed to wear inappropriate outfits in front of little kids! I mean, COVER UP! And seriously, her voice sounded like it was remixed by a broken robot! Btw, I am not a Paula hater. Just making a point, that she can't sing. lol. Anyway, I wish I could of seen Simons face during the whole thing. XD


This school yeah has gone by sooo fast! I mean, it's already MAY! I was talking to my principal the other day, and he told me that after we come back from Boston, we have 10 more day for school! 10! I don't want to go into the high school! UGGGHHHH! Why God? I don't want to leave my school! Well, at least this would be a new experience for me...


Well, I have to finish American Idol, so everyone have a great night!



  1. I remember DARE...hehehe, the DARE skit. LOL! Srry, I'm not laughing at u, but it's funny.

  2. hey! Thank you for commenting on my blog, U are such a nice person too!
    And yes, we all need to leave school one day...I know it hurts but remember we all need to move on and leave the past behind. You will find it easy if you keep the good memories in your heart but dont let them get you. Cheer up!

    Big hug from NZ

  3. Sorry, that was me using my old account (motte Valois)


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