Cows All Over My Pajama Pants.

Hey guys!

Yeah, there really are cows all over my pajama pants. Anyway, remember that camping trip that I told you about? Well, it was amazing! The Girl Scout troop came and we had so much fun. Except for one horrendous thing. We didn't get to go real camping. Confused? Let me explain.

Well, it has been raining like crazy. So the place got rained out :(. Yeah, it sucks. So Olivia, Alexis, and I set up a 9 person tent in her small backyard. Even though the tent was small, we had a blast. Can you take a guess how many hours we slept? Well, about...2 hours. Yeah. We watched movies, had a dance party (yeah, in a tent), made smores, and more! That night reminded me of a quote..

"A true friend is someone who thinks you're a good egg even though he knows you're slightly cracked".

When we woke up (after 2 hours of sleep), all of the Girl Scouts left. Except Olivia, Alexia, and I left. We spent that whole day playing and making things in the tent. We made these really funny sock things. There like sock monkeys. Of course, Alexis came out with the best one. Olivia's...well lets just say the tail was bigger then the body. So Alexis made her a new one. Mine came out really weird, so I named it Driew, prono. Which is "weird" backwards. So original...lol.

Then, a double sleepover came. Yippie! That one, we actually slept for 7 hours. And here we are. Well, remember when I told you that we didn't get to go camping? Well, we got our money back, and our Girl Scout leader told us we could use the money for something else. So we decided that we could all see a Taylor Swift concert! But it is not definite yet. It will be very hard to get tickets to, but we will try.

Well, enjoy Sunday!



  1. Hey this is insidetheheadofanangel and i just wanted to say that you really remind me of a friend at school. She is cool and does her own thing. I mean just by reading the first two posts you remind me of her. She is also in girl scouts! I will make sure to keep on reading your blog!

    Keep rocking on!!!


  2. Hehehe...slightly cracked eggs...anyway, I'm sorry your trip sorta got canceled, but I'm glad you had fun anyway. I have duckies on my pajamas. Peace!
    P.S. jk about the duckies. I have trucks though
    P.P.S. jk about the P.S.

  3. Cow pajama pants sound pretty awesome. Mine have moose and bears and dogs and such :) That stinks that you guys got rained out, but camping indoors sounds like it was still loads of fun!


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