Flying With The Rainbow Unicorns


Well, guess what? Right now i am posting, from my DSi! I have finally got it to work! He he. Well, right now I am sitting on my couch watching X-Men III. I haven't seen the new one so i have to watch this one first. lol.

I need some advice! Does anyone know any realy fun DS games? I am going to get a new games soon, but i don't know which one 2 get. So please type an awesome game in the box below. XD.

Wait! I just remembered something! I forgot to talk about the American Idol winner in my last post. Well, lets get one thing straight. I did not want Kris Allen to win. But he did do pretty good. lol, that last show was very interesting. Bikini girl, and Kara in a bikini singing. That was one interesting night. But i still believe that Adam should of won.

Wait! Since I am on my DSi, I can't upload vids. But I can send you the URL.
Well, watch it! It is Glee doing you are the one that I want. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyJyKNcwlzA

Well g2g watch a movie.



  1. Where do I begin? Note: These are for the DS, not Lite or DSi.
    1. MarioKart-Racing games are just awesome
    2. Profesor Layton and the Curious Villiage-Soving puzzles and trick problems is only half the mystery.
    3. Hotel Dusk: Room 205-Reads like a mystery novel (turn the DS sideways) but intriging.
    Well, those are my top three picks. I don't have many other games.

  2. Oh wait... what's the difference between a DS/DS Lite and a DSi? I Googled it and it looks like it has a camera, and can apparently go on the internet? That's so cool! I have Super Mario Bros. and Animal Crossing on my DS.

    And I was really surprised that Kris won, but I didn't really like either of them.

  3. OMG i want a dsi sooooooooooooooooooo badly u r soo lucky! And that is really cool that u have the internet on ur dsi! anyways gtg packing up 4 a trip!


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