A Good Friend Will Know How You Take Your Coffee.

What is with the random titles?

Wait, I don't even LIKE coffee? Lets change the subject. Testing give me headaches, ugh. Today we started MATH! It was totally easy. I totally passed flying colors! The worst...I personally enjoy language. (Sorry to all the Math lovers out there!) The lang tests are pretty long though. It goes to 8:30 am to 11:30 am! But luckly we got breaks! I haven't been writing my book...I don't know why. I have to finish!!! I haven't even written the 2nd chapter. Also, if anyone wants to give me some idea that could happen in the book, write it in the awesome comment box below. Hopefully, i'll finish it by today...

Guess what? Well, you probably can't guess what I am going to say, but I will tell you anyway. My girlscout troop is going camping on Friday! We are going to a site called "Camp Taylor". I think we will be staying until Sunday, I am not sure. But yesterday when we had our Girl Scout troop meeting, we set up all of the tents to make sure we had all of the parts. And of course we did :). So we dragged one of the tents in front of Olivia's house (2 houses away) and we just stayed in there and did funn stuff! We brought the radio, and we were with one my besties Rayna. Oh, and I forgot to say that when we were walking home, Mia, Alexis, and I picked up these awesome little catapillar things on the ground! They were sooo cute! I got the fattest one...so I called it Sid. Idk why :?. We had funnn.

Did anyone watch American Idol? It is getting really good! Right now Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, and Kris Allen are still in the competition. Tonight I hope Kris Allen gets out...sorry to all the Kris lovers. Here is the order of the winners for me...
  • Adam Lambert 1st
  • Danny Gokey 2nd
  • Kris Allen 3rd
lol, notice the gold silver and bronze? What is the order you think should win?

Oh, I know I am asking a stupid question...but what is tagging? Yeah, I know. But I still don't know what it is and it's getting me angry...X[. What is it? Please type it in the magical box down there. Man, today I gotz a lot of questions!

I don't know if I told you peoplez, but there was this supppperrr cute bag @ Claire's one day. I was gonna get it, but it was $20 and I didn't have the money. Well, Gracie knows how much I LOVE the bag, that she did a internet drawing thingee of it 4 me! Here it is..

Isn't it good? Well, today I am going to my Dad's house, then I will still be talking to Gracie. Bye!



  1. I don't like coffee either :P

    Adam Lambert is definitely going to win, but I don't like him. I'm not sure what it is about him... maybe just cause everyone else is totally obsessed with him? But I don't even watch American Idol anymore so... yeah haha.

    Tagging is basically playing a game of Blogger tag. One person gets a survey or something for another blogger to do, and "tags" others to do it too. Then they do it, and tag more people, so that pretty soon a bunch of people are doing the same survey thing. Sorry for my crappy explanation :P

  2. I hate State testing, too.

    Camping sounds like fun!

  3. Hmm...well, I'm more into mysteries and horror, so maybe I'm not the best person to suggest stuff, but maybe someone dies and the other characters have to deal with it. Or...
    Tyler could join a clique, destroy her relationship with Riley, realize her mistake, and things can be sorta okay between them at the end. Too cliche?

  4. No, I like it! Its just that I stopped writing. Im not a veryy good writer.


  5. Have fun at girl scouts, haha. I quit girl scouts when I was ten--I hated it. We went camping once, when I was like seven, and it poured down rain and there was a hole in the tent and I was soaking wet. Girl Scouts were not the best experiences!

    Good luck with your book!



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