Today Is A New Morning. (:

Welcome To Planet Clairee!
Please Place All Baggage On The Left or Right Of The Unicorn. :D

Okay, That Was Randomm. But It Was Very Entertaining. Anywhoo, Today Has Been A Splendid Day. Last Night, Alexis, Olivia, And I Had A Sleepover. It Was Fun! All We Really Did Was Draw, And Rock Out To Music.

On To A Different Subject, We Woke At 6:30am, When The Bird Begin To Sing :). The Reason Is That We Had Summer School. I Know What Your Thinking, "Summer School, Eww. That Must Be Horrible!". But Accutally, Summer School Is Really Fun! Also, One Of The Amazing Things About It Is That It Ends Tomorrow. (: (TeeHeHe).

Guess What? I'm Supper Excited Because My Bff Named Azriel Is Coming All The Way From New Orleans To Come And See US! Yeah I Know, It's Pretty Exciting. She's Coming Tomorrow Around 2:30ish. But Guess What? Were Throwing a Surprise Party For Her! I Can't Wait Till That Happeneds.

Got To Go, Post A.S.A.P.



Just Want To Fall Up Into The Sky...


Summer Has Been Treating Me Okay...I Guess.
For The Past Few Days, I Have Been Running A Small Fever (99.4). Yeah, It Sucks Having A Fever In The Summer. I Wish I Could Just Drink A Magical Potion And Be Cured. :D

Remember That Book I Was Writing? Well, I Was Thinking About Writing A New One, But Not About That Topic. I Was Thinking About Writing It In The School Year, Or Maybe At The End Of Summer. Hopefully That One Would Turn Out Pretty Good. (:

Excusee Me For The Short Post, I Have To Go Rest. :(

With Carelessness,
Claire. :)


Wow, A Flying Turtle


I'm just hanging at my house, talking with my besite from camp (Natalie *you rock Natalie!*) and Gracie. Sorry, I haven't been able to post, my schedule is so overloaded. All I have really been doing was going to summer school, chilling with my friends, and reading (a lot). But that really does take up most of my time.

Summers great for me so far. Hoping to go on another vacation :). < "Who Dosen't?!" Anywhoo, I just wanted to say that nothing much has been going on in my life. But, one (two) things happened. Two days after I came back from camp, I went to go see the Harry Potter 6! It was a pretty good movie. Tell Me what you thought about it! (If You saw it). And the second thing that happened was that I had my first funnel cake! Yeah, I know, that isn't that exciting, but it's better then nothing. :P

Well, I g2g.
Remember to eat two pounds of pickles every day. :S

Blind Puppies, (insider :P)


A Week Go By So Fast. (:


I'm Back From Camp! :)

I'm happy im back, but I do wish I could stay there another week. :(

Well, Camp was amazing (as usual)! I bunked with my besite Olivia, my sister Alexis, and two other awesome people named Katie and Natalie. And to tell you the truth, camp was so much better this year then last year.

This year we did a program called Set Sail. It's like learning how to sail, and it was actually much more fun then I thought it would be. We learned how to sail, and we sailed to the Swartswood State Park, (it was like 2 miles away). But the thing that sucked was that there was no wind what so ever, so we had to paddle the whole way. ):

At night, our tent always played truth or dare. And let me tell you some of the dares got really intense. One time my sister (Alexis) dared Olivia to wear her bra out of her shirt for the whole night (lmao, she got that one from Degrassi). And another time, I dared my sister (Alexis) to go into another tent and say "My Undies Are To Tight!". It was hilarious!

Well, got to jet.

Enjoy Your Sunday. ;)

With All Lovee,


The Sky Is As Blue As The Sea

Hello fellow bloggers!

How's your summer going so far?
Anyways I just came back from Ocean Grove a week ago. It was one of the best time I ever had (in Ocean Grove)! We stayed there for about 5 days, one of the longest stays. We stayed in a little house that we rented that was 3 houses away. Talk about small world ;). Anywhoo, we would wake up and go to the beach practically everyday. And suprisingly I didn't get sunburn, but I did get a little tan in my face. :)

Well, right now its about 9:10 in the morning (I usually don't get us this early (:) and I just finished packing for camp, that i have to go to at 11:30am. Yeah, i am pretty much a procrastinator. So, I am going to camp till Sunday (of next week). It's a Set Sail camp (so I can learn how to sail).

Whoops, I g2g make sure I have everything. Wish Me Luck! :)

With Worried Thoughts,
Claire :)


Rambling On and On...


Wow, summer is a-m-a-z-i-n-g so far.

Here are some (I guess interesting) things that have happened.

-Luau! (End-Of-Summer Partaay).
-Double Sleepover w/ my bestiee Gracie.
-(This one isn't that interesting, just sadd) the death of Billy Mays, Farrah Faucet, and the King of Pop Michael Jackson. :(
-Going to the Library every. single. day. (details latter :]).

Luau wass awesome! I know I know, some people are probably wondering "what are hell are you talking about???" just wait, then i might be able to answer that :). The "Luau" is a partay that my parents and I (and my sis :]) throw everyy year the day school ends. It wass so awesomee this year! (Almost) everyone in my class came, andd more! Lmao, the only thingg that stunk about the partay is that i had to invite the "Clique" to the partayy...so the whole time they put the chairs in a circle and talked. It was soo boring at first, but don't worry, we made it fun. XD

After that, Gracie and I had a double sleepover. (Go Mom's. XD). It wass awesomee! We made "You Belong w/ Me" music video (almost done...), saw the movie "My Sister's Keeper" and "Princess Protection Program", and more. As you can see, we had a bunch of funn.

Sadly, the "sex icon" Farrah Faucet, "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays have died recentley. But it sort of creeps me out how 3 famous people have all died around the same time. I know the Michael Jackson is amazing, trust me, but 9 pages in the newspaper about hiim?!? Okay...

Yeah, I go to the library every day. Accually im there now :). Well, the reason i go there now, is cuz i got my computer taken away, FOREVER! Yeah, thats what i said. Wondering whyy? Well, my (evil) sister got me in trouble....and then the tumbling snowball...
So the only reason i come here is for the computers. Aren't I lovely?

Yeahh, im going on vacation. Leaving tomorrow morning to go to my friends place in Ocean Grove for 4th o' July. It's a long drive, but totally worth it. My Dad said we are going to try to stay there till Tuesday but I don't know.

G2g, my time for the library is running out (then you better go catch it :])!
Imm suchh a dork. XD


Mindlessly Pondering,