Wow, A Flying Turtle


I'm just hanging at my house, talking with my besite from camp (Natalie *you rock Natalie!*) and Gracie. Sorry, I haven't been able to post, my schedule is so overloaded. All I have really been doing was going to summer school, chilling with my friends, and reading (a lot). But that really does take up most of my time.

Summers great for me so far. Hoping to go on another vacation :). < "Who Dosen't?!" Anywhoo, I just wanted to say that nothing much has been going on in my life. But, one (two) things happened. Two days after I came back from camp, I went to go see the Harry Potter 6! It was a pretty good movie. Tell Me what you thought about it! (If You saw it). And the second thing that happened was that I had my first funnel cake! Yeah, I know, that isn't that exciting, but it's better then nothing. :P

Well, I g2g.
Remember to eat two pounds of pickles every day. :S

Blind Puppies, (insider :P)


  1. i likez funnel cake.
    I thought harry potter was okay, i didn't like the ending much though.
    and you lost me when you said something about eating two pounds of pickles. :P

  2. Sounds like you've been having a very busy summer! Yay for Harry Potter :D I really liked it, but of course the books are way better. And yuuum, I haven't had funnel cake in forever! I don't think I'll be having two pounds of pickles though, haha...


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