A Week Go By So Fast. (:


I'm Back From Camp! :)

I'm happy im back, but I do wish I could stay there another week. :(

Well, Camp was amazing (as usual)! I bunked with my besite Olivia, my sister Alexis, and two other awesome people named Katie and Natalie. And to tell you the truth, camp was so much better this year then last year.

This year we did a program called Set Sail. It's like learning how to sail, and it was actually much more fun then I thought it would be. We learned how to sail, and we sailed to the Swartswood State Park, (it was like 2 miles away). But the thing that sucked was that there was no wind what so ever, so we had to paddle the whole way. ):

At night, our tent always played truth or dare. And let me tell you some of the dares got really intense. One time my sister (Alexis) dared Olivia to wear her bra out of her shirt for the whole night (lmao, she got that one from Degrassi). And another time, I dared my sister (Alexis) to go into another tent and say "My Undies Are To Tight!". It was hilarious!

Well, got to jet.

Enjoy Your Sunday. ;)

With All Lovee,


  1. sounds like fun!

    i love your profile picture!

  2. Awww, I wish my parents let me go to camp when I was younger, it sounds like a blast! Glad to hear you had lots of fun :D


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