Just Want To Fall Up Into The Sky...


Summer Has Been Treating Me Okay...I Guess.
For The Past Few Days, I Have Been Running A Small Fever (99.4). Yeah, It Sucks Having A Fever In The Summer. I Wish I Could Just Drink A Magical Potion And Be Cured. :D

Remember That Book I Was Writing? Well, I Was Thinking About Writing A New One, But Not About That Topic. I Was Thinking About Writing It In The School Year, Or Maybe At The End Of Summer. Hopefully That One Would Turn Out Pretty Good. (:

Excusee Me For The Short Post, I Have To Go Rest. :(

With Carelessness,
Claire. :)


  1. Awww, I hope you feel better ASAP! It always sucks to be sick during the summer ): If only there really was a magical curing potion... Good luck with the story too!


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