The Sky Is As Blue As The Sea

Hello fellow bloggers!

How's your summer going so far?
Anyways I just came back from Ocean Grove a week ago. It was one of the best time I ever had (in Ocean Grove)! We stayed there for about 5 days, one of the longest stays. We stayed in a little house that we rented that was 3 houses away. Talk about small world ;). Anywhoo, we would wake up and go to the beach practically everyday. And suprisingly I didn't get sunburn, but I did get a little tan in my face. :)

Well, right now its about 9:10 in the morning (I usually don't get us this early (:) and I just finished packing for camp, that i have to go to at 11:30am. Yeah, i am pretty much a procrastinator. So, I am going to camp till Sunday (of next week). It's a Set Sail camp (so I can learn how to sail).

Whoops, I g2g make sure I have everything. Wish Me Luck! :)

With Worried Thoughts,
Claire :)


  1. Yeah...you probably won't read this until later but have fun at camp. My summer's going good too.


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