Today Is A New Morning. (:

Welcome To Planet Clairee!
Please Place All Baggage On The Left or Right Of The Unicorn. :D

Okay, That Was Randomm. But It Was Very Entertaining. Anywhoo, Today Has Been A Splendid Day. Last Night, Alexis, Olivia, And I Had A Sleepover. It Was Fun! All We Really Did Was Draw, And Rock Out To Music.

On To A Different Subject, We Woke At 6:30am, When The Bird Begin To Sing :). The Reason Is That We Had Summer School. I Know What Your Thinking, "Summer School, Eww. That Must Be Horrible!". But Accutally, Summer School Is Really Fun! Also, One Of The Amazing Things About It Is That It Ends Tomorrow. (: (TeeHeHe).

Guess What? I'm Supper Excited Because My Bff Named Azriel Is Coming All The Way From New Orleans To Come And See US! Yeah I Know, It's Pretty Exciting. She's Coming Tomorrow Around 2:30ish. But Guess What? Were Throwing a Surprise Party For Her! I Can't Wait Till That Happeneds.

Got To Go, Post A.S.A.P.



  1. Nice title! love it!

    exciting things coming your way this summer, I see.

  2. The sleepover sounds fuuun! That's great that summer school isn't really so bad at all, but even better that it's almost over haha. That's awesome that you're friend is coming to visit, have fun :D

  3. I love coming to visit my friend :) I miss her so much cause i moved! Have fun!

  4. Hi clarie sounds like ur summer is going great! I wish mine was! Btw how do u know so many people i mean i only know 2 and one of them are me (i know pathetic) but the sleepover sounds really fun!


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