Introducing The (Not So) Short Story.

Peace. (;
Long time no talk blogger peoplee.
Sorry for that, I wasn't the one who made up school -.- . Anywhoo, The High School is pretty great. I'm so happy to see all of my friends again, they make me so happy. (;

I have been really busy,  as I said, school. But, this weekend I took another spectacular trip down to Woodstock. And amazingly, I got the 2nd vintage camera in my collection. Yes, I collect vintage cameras, just started, so I don't have that many. But the one that I just got is a vintage Argus c-four camera that was HUGE in the 60's. And I absolutely lovee it. (;

Peace...Out. (;



haha, this made me laugh.
I guess my obsession would be my iPod and my Camera. (:
no more blog posts? sorry, school = BUSY. but, I promise I will post soon!

Just Plain,
Claire. (:



I'm Soo Excitedd!
Wondering Why? Well, School starts tomorrow! Even though today is my last day of glorious summer, I won't be spending it how I want. Yes, I would be spending it panicing...making sure I have everything to make tomorrow perfect. (:
Wish Me Luck!,


Hangingg. (:

Sorry I haven't posted lately, just pretty busy.

Here are a couple of awesomee things I have done this week. (:
  • Had a sleepover (on my new hammock) with my bestiee Olivia.
  • Visited my friends (that live 1 hour away) Gianna and Anthony. (:
  • Had a little barbaquee.
Yeah, thats about it.
Well, right now i'm just hanging out with Gracie and Olivia. We just came back from walking around Hoboken. We went to the new Edible Arrangements store and got Strawberry Smoothies :). The lady that made us the Smoothies was so nice! She gave us free whipped cream and chocolate strawberrys! Thank god for small miracles. (:

Got To Go!

Claire. (:


Lazy Summer Days, Can't Wait Till School. (:

I am finally at the place I call home. (:
And so happy to be here.
Sort Of.

As I said in the last post, Woodstock was good. But, one thing that I forgot to mention, was that I went school shopping :). I got some pretty awesome stuff...
  • Neon pink nail polish from Hot Topic. ( I know I didn't need that, but why not?).
  • Awesome Jeans from Good Will (Only $3!)
  • An Striped Polyester Sweater that is to diee for at Marshalls ($7).
  • 2 Pairs of jeans at Old Navy ($10 eachh.)
  • (Last but not least) A Juicy Couture Sweater at the Good Will (Only $5!!!).
Yes, I am very satisfied. (:
Well, right now I am just hanging out at my house. And Sort of happy because my Mother just set up this amazing hammock, so now I spend most of my time sitting on the hammock (mostly swingingg) and reading a book.(:

Omg, there is this book called the Vampire Diaries, and they are making it into a T.V. show!
A must read, and see!

Tonight is a concert on the water front, (I think a blue grass band) so i'll be going to my fathers house...
Tell you how it is. (: