Hangingg. (:

Sorry I haven't posted lately, just pretty busy.

Here are a couple of awesomee things I have done this week. (:
  • Had a sleepover (on my new hammock) with my bestiee Olivia.
  • Visited my friends (that live 1 hour away) Gianna and Anthony. (:
  • Had a little barbaquee.
Yeah, thats about it.
Well, right now i'm just hanging out with Gracie and Olivia. We just came back from walking around Hoboken. We went to the new Edible Arrangements store and got Strawberry Smoothies :). The lady that made us the Smoothies was so nice! She gave us free whipped cream and chocolate strawberrys! Thank god for small miracles. (:

Got To Go!

Claire. (:


  1. Oooh... a smoothie sounds so good right now:)

    Sounds like fun!

  2. Sounds like loads of fun to me! Hearing about Hoboken always reminds me of that one Orbit gum commercial from a while ago, where she's like "Son of a biscuit eating bulldog! You Hoboken!" Haha ;D But the smoothie sounds very delicious... small miracles are some of the best parts of life :)


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