Lazy Summer Days, Can't Wait Till School. (:

I am finally at the place I call home. (:
And so happy to be here.
Sort Of.

As I said in the last post, Woodstock was good. But, one thing that I forgot to mention, was that I went school shopping :). I got some pretty awesome stuff...
  • Neon pink nail polish from Hot Topic. ( I know I didn't need that, but why not?).
  • Awesome Jeans from Good Will (Only $3!)
  • An Striped Polyester Sweater that is to diee for at Marshalls ($7).
  • 2 Pairs of jeans at Old Navy ($10 eachh.)
  • (Last but not least) A Juicy Couture Sweater at the Good Will (Only $5!!!).
Yes, I am very satisfied. (:
Well, right now I am just hanging out at my house. And Sort of happy because my Mother just set up this amazing hammock, so now I spend most of my time sitting on the hammock (mostly swingingg) and reading a book.(:

Omg, there is this book called the Vampire Diaries, and they are making it into a T.V. show!
A must read, and see!

Tonight is a concert on the water front, (I think a blue grass band) so i'll be going to my fathers house...
Tell you how it is. (:


  1. You're so lucky that you actually still LIKE school! I wish that was the case for me :p But yayay for amazing bargains :D Marshalls & TJ Maxx and thrift stores are awesome, I dunno why everyone shuns them and instead pays $923590453.

    Why do I think that the Vampire Diaries is going to be suspiciously like Twilight.. :P :/

    But hope you had fun seeing the band!

  2. haha. the band was awesome.
    I love hammocks. Too bad I live in an apartment. I must go to the Goodwill sometime.

  3. Gahhh lucky. I wish I could find those bargains. All I need now is a pair of slip on vans and a long gray cardigan. Any suggestions?

    I like your blog, sorry I have not been posting lately.


  4. Yeah vamp diaries is awesomee :)
    cant wait to see the show,
    thanks btw for dropping by my blog :D


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