Introducing The (Not So) Short Story.

Peace. (;
Long time no talk blogger peoplee.
Sorry for that, I wasn't the one who made up school -.- . Anywhoo, The High School is pretty great. I'm so happy to see all of my friends again, they make me so happy. (;

I have been really busy,  as I said, school. But, this weekend I took another spectacular trip down to Woodstock. And amazingly, I got the 2nd vintage camera in my collection. Yes, I collect vintage cameras, just started, so I don't have that many. But the one that I just got is a vintage Argus c-four camera that was HUGE in the 60's. And I absolutely lovee it. (;

Peace...Out. (;

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  1. That's so neat that you're so close to Woodstock! And ever NEATER about your vintage camera collection! You should post a picture of it on here, I'd love to see it :) Hope you have a great week!


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