Hai! Sorry I haven't posted soon enough. Today was an interesting day. lol. Well, today I went to this debate thing @ my high school. It was pretty boring though. lol. Except this one part...they were debating about Global Warming! And this one (pretty stupid) guy was oppose the subject and he was like "Who cares if the Polar Bears die, it doesn't mean we will"? And like EVERYONE in our class was like " I DO"! Stupid people don't know what they are saying anymore....


Anyways, besides that school wasn't so exciting. WAIT! You know the book the Outsiders? Well, if you don't, get in your car and drive to Barnes and Noble! Anyway...we are reading it in school. Accually, we read it in school. We just finished watching the movie today in our classroom. It is like, the saddest movie in the history of the Earth! Well, my friends starting balling their eyes out at the end! It was so funny cuz one of my friends was really emotional....


Yesterday school was boring...again. After school I just came home. But that is when things got interesting. Olivia came over so we could do our homework together. It was actually pretty hectic. lol. We pretty much went crazy and my sister, her, and I made a very strange video. lol. We pretty much got 1 thing for homework done. While my sister and Olivia were going nutz, I was talking to Gracie on Skype and listened to the Academy Is...IM NOT IN LOVE! THIS IS NOT MY HEART! lol. Sorry for the randomness...


Sleepovers...I love them. I might have one with my bestie Gracie! I hope we have a great time!

G2g now...bye!



Hai. Well, I just wanted to let you guys know only about 3 things that happened 2day.

  • Olivia's Birthday
  • Going to the Mall
Yep. That is about it. Well, Olivia's birthday was OK this year. It wasn't as good as many other years though. Guess who I dressed up as?!?! No? ok. Fine, I will tell you. I was SELENA GOMEZ!
lol. She just sort of looks like me, so I just dressed up like her. Her birthday was all about fashion and stuff like that. So we created dolls and made outfits on them?

Like?? Well, some people at the party got really mean, so Grace, Alexis (my sister), Jamie (my friend), and I just ignored them. We actually had fun ((besides the meanies)).

I am going to the mall soon, so I will add more to this post about what I got later.
((IF I get anything)).

NEW BLOG! WHOOO! lol. Well, this *new and improved* blog is a blog that my friend Gracie (that I mentioned above) and I are on! Yippie! I don't really know what it is about, but we just felt like creating a blog together. It is called The Lovely State of Randomness. Don't laugh. lol. Well, idk about the name, but it is super cool. Check it out and follow!

Going to the mall, be back later!



Interesting day 2day. lol. My thoughts have been strange...
  • Backstreet Boyz (???)
  • Books Books Bookz.
  • Olivia's Birthday on Friday.
  • The person I was talking about in the last post.
  • Recess
  • And Slacking...XD
Backstreet Boys. lol. Well, my friends and I were talking about their new Cd! lol. Then we started singing their old hits. Oh what fun!

Books. I absolutely LOVE books. They are my passion. lol. I just finished some books. Seriously, please comment about some books I can read! I really want to read some good books. I just finished "When it Happened". It is really really good. It is about this girl trying to find her true love. I totally recommend it.

My best friends birthday is on Friday! Well, it is really on Sunday, but her party is on Friday. I can't wait! I am sleeping next to my bff Gracie! Yippie! lol. I got my friend the Twilight DVD for her. She already knows, so might as well tell the world! I figured out my outfit already. Yippie!

Remember that person I was talking about in the last post? Yeah. Well, we are friends again! We promised that we would be nice to eachother! She is soo nice and I am glad we r friends again. Yippie!

Recess was fun! We sang on the swings and rocked out!

I have been slacking 2day. I'm just wearing a peace tee shirt and jeans.



Morning Thoughts.

....Yawn. Morning! Well, I have been thinking about many different things this morning and last night.
  • my friend's birthday party in 4 days.
  • a person is particular.
  • my stupid social studies test today X[.
  • and things.
Well, my friend Olivia's birthday party is in 4 days...joy! lol. I am sort of glad that I am going because a few of my friends are going to be there, but besides that I really don't want to go.
I want to go because...
  • it is my best friends birthday.
  • it seems fun.
  • A few of my friends will b there.
  • to celebrate her birthday.
Thats about it. I sort of know who I am going to be though.

The person in particular, well that is sort of for me to know and for you to find out. But I don't think you ever will.

Btw, there is this one person ((not going to mention namez)) that I feel sort of strange hanging around them. At one point I feel fine, but then that person goes of to someone else "whispering" and "laughing". My Mom just tells me to ignore that person and to go on with my life. I think I should, but the person lives pretty close to me and she is friends with my friends. The person always wears nice clothes, but I really don't care how that person looks, because all that matters is what kind of person she is. I care if she is the nice friend that I hung out with last year. I care if she choses who she wants to be. I don't care about what kind of bag she has or what company of clothes she is wearing. I don't think of her as a person who just shops with her dad and get whatever she wants though. She is acatually really nice and fun to hang out with. I just hope we can forget our past and hold on to our wonderful future.

Anyways, I am sorry if ima making you bored.

Next subject. I have a stupid social studies test today. Wish me luck!

Got to go to school, bye!



This blog is about random things I think about every single day.I am not really going to post a lot on this blog.
I just feel like having another blog about things that I think about stuffs.And my life.

Today I have been thinking about many many things. Anyway.I just finished cleaning my room because it got really messy.The strange thing ab out me is that I love helping my teacher clean the classroom,but when it comes to cleaning my room I would just rather cuddle up on my bed and read a book.By the way, I
always try to be a great writer, but it just never works out.

So don't laugh. XD

G2g to dance class. Be back to post. Bye Bye!


I am sorry I haven't gotten back sooner. I didn't have Dance Class because my teacher canceled. Oh well.

Back to what I was saying. Well, I g2g to bed now.
I will tell you more later. In the morning I will try to post.