Interesting day 2day. lol. My thoughts have been strange...
  • Backstreet Boyz (???)
  • Books Books Bookz.
  • Olivia's Birthday on Friday.
  • The person I was talking about in the last post.
  • Recess
  • And Slacking...XD
Backstreet Boys. lol. Well, my friends and I were talking about their new Cd! lol. Then we started singing their old hits. Oh what fun!

Books. I absolutely LOVE books. They are my passion. lol. I just finished some books. Seriously, please comment about some books I can read! I really want to read some good books. I just finished "When it Happened". It is really really good. It is about this girl trying to find her true love. I totally recommend it.

My best friends birthday is on Friday! Well, it is really on Sunday, but her party is on Friday. I can't wait! I am sleeping next to my bff Gracie! Yippie! lol. I got my friend the Twilight DVD for her. She already knows, so might as well tell the world! I figured out my outfit already. Yippie!

Remember that person I was talking about in the last post? Yeah. Well, we are friends again! We promised that we would be nice to eachother! She is soo nice and I am glad we r friends again. Yippie!

Recess was fun! We sang on the swings and rocked out!

I have been slacking 2day. I'm just wearing a peace tee shirt and jeans.



  1. Hey Claire!
    No prob, luv ya 2!
    Okay, can I ask you a question? 2 actually. What grade r u in, and what kind of books do u like?

    Okay, asuming we're in the same grade (9th) here are my totally awesome book recomendations. They are my all time favorites, and I love talking about a book with a friend, so fun!

    Suspense: Unwind; by Neal Shusterman
    Comedy: Sleeping Freshman Never Lie; David Lubar. My all time fav book!
    Chick Novels: The Usual Rules; Wendy Mass (sad/happy) The Truth About Forever (happy ending is awesome) Sarah Dessen.

    If you read any of these, please tell me!!!!! I am a reading FREAK.

    Btw, you are very welcome. And you didn't follow my blog, but that's fine. I know you'll get around 2 it.


  2. Seriously, I just want to know, what grade are you in??? I wanna know cause you said you have recess. I don't have recess anymore. =( I miss it.
    A book I recommend;
    A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There ya go!!!


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