10 more days.
Till heaven. (;

Yeah, I want to go back to school. Well, the weather has been amazingg. So my father have decided to take us to Woodstock to see my grandmother that has cancer. She's doing good. Woodstock hasn't changed. But we did go to this really awesome flea market, they had this really cool vintage camera. I was going to get it, but I didn't have enough money and the stupid lady decided not to lower the price.
Sorry for the short post,but breakfast is here.



Summer Has Gone By So Fast. (:

The weekend was better then I thought it would be. We were supposed to go to my Fathers house, but we ended up having a sleepover at Gracie's House (haha (;). The sleepover was actually awesome! We went there, and of course brought my computer (cuz Gracie's was broken). We made videos, went to CVS, a thrift store, and just walking around, it was funn. (:

Wow, 2 weeks till my first year of junior high. I'm excited about going to school, I don't know why, but I love school. Here, all I really do is chat with my friends, go on the computer, and do chores. Bleh. To celebrate Back To School, I made this set on Polyvore!

Back To School.
Back To School. by [c l a i r e]♥

Do you like it? Well, I got to go.

Claire. x]


Crazy Summer Nights...

Wow, So Original. (:

Wow, Fire Island was amazing! This year, we stayed at Ocean Beach. And, as people call it, "The Party Town" because there is a few bars. (: Anywhoo, We Stayed At This Lovely 3 Bedroom (1 Bathroom l:) house for a week. It was the perfect size for my family! My Mom and Her boyfriend stayed in one room, Alexis and I stayed in the other, and my friend Harry stayed in the other room. We were thinking about inviting Olivia and her family to come down, but they couldn't make it ;(. So it was just Harry, Alexis, And I free to do what ever we want, for a whole week. One of my favorite things to do was to go to the town! The town had a ton of little boutiques, a awesome candy store, souvenir stores, and bars. But the best thing about fire island, is that you get to walk around with no shoes on. (:

When Harry came to Fire Island, he forgot his bathing suit. So wanna hear my magical story? Well, we went into one of the little boutiques to try to find a bathing suit for him...but everything there was REALLY over-priced. But, if he didn't get a bathing suit, he would spend the whole week there without going into the ocean...so he chose to buy the bathing suit. Price = $68.32. Yeah I Know...

Remember that awesome candy store that I told you that was awesome? Well, Harry decided to
take a chance, and eat a chocolate covered cricket there! It was so weird because when he was eating it, he told us it tastes like a crunch barr. :P

You know how my sister Alexis is into making a lot of crafts? Well, she collected all of her crafts that she have made in the Winter, and sold them. Guess what? Alexis made $134.75. And since I helped her out with everything, I got $15.00 and a soft serve icecream. (:

Well, I g2g.
I'll try to make another post soon. (:



Shoping, All A Girl Needs In Life. (:

What's Cracking?
Okay, That Was Odd.
Moving On. (:

Wow, August Came By Surprise and Bit Me In The Butt. Well, Seeing Azriel Was Actually Fun. Well, I Didn't Think Different :). The Party Was Really Fun, Everyone Came, But Azriel Invited One "Special" Person, But I Think He Was To Scared To Come. (:

The Next Day, Azriel, Alexis, Olivia, And I All Went To NYC To Spend The Day There! We Went To Olivia's Dad Store (I Forgot What It Was Called) And We Did Something That Was Hilarious! We Put On His Stores Clothes, And We Stood In The Windows And Modeled Them! It Was So Funny Because People In Cars Were Taking Pictures Of Us With Their iPhones (:. After That We Went To Some Stores Which Included Layla Row, Rickys (Pictured Below), And This Cool Skateboarding Shop (For Olivia's Brother).

Rickys Is A Really Awesome Store, But Some Of The Things There Are Very "Interesting", If You Know What I Mean. (: Anywhoo At Layla Row, They Were Having This Awesome Sale, So I Bought This Really Cute Black Spring Beret, And Awesome ($6) Avaitor Shades. About 2 Hours After That, We Started To Head Back Home. And It Was So Funny Because We Saw These 5 Girls In A Taxi Cab Blasting "Move It" Rocking Out. So We Joined Them, And I Took A Picture. (:

Best Time Ever. (:

Got To Go, Comment and Luvv!