Crazy Summer Nights...

Wow, So Original. (:

Wow, Fire Island was amazing! This year, we stayed at Ocean Beach. And, as people call it, "The Party Town" because there is a few bars. (: Anywhoo, We Stayed At This Lovely 3 Bedroom (1 Bathroom l:) house for a week. It was the perfect size for my family! My Mom and Her boyfriend stayed in one room, Alexis and I stayed in the other, and my friend Harry stayed in the other room. We were thinking about inviting Olivia and her family to come down, but they couldn't make it ;(. So it was just Harry, Alexis, And I free to do what ever we want, for a whole week. One of my favorite things to do was to go to the town! The town had a ton of little boutiques, a awesome candy store, souvenir stores, and bars. But the best thing about fire island, is that you get to walk around with no shoes on. (:

When Harry came to Fire Island, he forgot his bathing suit. So wanna hear my magical story? Well, we went into one of the little boutiques to try to find a bathing suit for him...but everything there was REALLY over-priced. But, if he didn't get a bathing suit, he would spend the whole week there without going into the ocean...so he chose to buy the bathing suit. Price = $68.32. Yeah I Know...

Remember that awesome candy store that I told you that was awesome? Well, Harry decided to
take a chance, and eat a chocolate covered cricket there! It was so weird because when he was eating it, he told us it tastes like a crunch barr. :P

You know how my sister Alexis is into making a lot of crafts? Well, she collected all of her crafts that she have made in the Winter, and sold them. Guess what? Alexis made $134.75. And since I helped her out with everything, I got $15.00 and a soft serve icecream. (:

Well, I g2g.
I'll try to make another post soon. (:



  1. LoL sounds like you had lots of fun!

  2. Holy crap, a $70 bathing suit? D: Weren't there any WalMarts around or anything? That sucks! But other than that, it sounds like you had a blast :D Chocolate covered crickets actually don't seem like they'd be too bad, haha. And yay for money and soft serve ice cream! :)

  3. lol love your profile pic! ;)


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