Summer Has Gone By So Fast. (:

The weekend was better then I thought it would be. We were supposed to go to my Fathers house, but we ended up having a sleepover at Gracie's House (haha (;). The sleepover was actually awesome! We went there, and of course brought my computer (cuz Gracie's was broken). We made videos, went to CVS, a thrift store, and just walking around, it was funn. (:

Wow, 2 weeks till my first year of junior high. I'm excited about going to school, I don't know why, but I love school. Here, all I really do is chat with my friends, go on the computer, and do chores. Bleh. To celebrate Back To School, I made this set on Polyvore!

Back To School.
Back To School. by [c l a i r e]♥

Do you like it? Well, I got to go.

Claire. x]


  1. Sounds like a very fun weekend to me! And I love the Polyvore, especially the sweatshirt :D

    Enjoy junior high while it lasts! They're the last years where you're free to run through the halls yodeling without getting too strange of looks, haha. And enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. you will love middle school. I did. 8th grade was my favorite. I am a freshman this year. (9th grade) i'll follow. follow mine. :)


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