Be Careful What You Wish For...

You just might get it.

lol. Hyiia. I don't get the title thing either. Anyway...

Sorry for not posting...my stupid wireless doesn't work. Ugh. More stress in my life is all I need. First of all, I HAVE to get 1st honors this marking period because my mom said she would get me a dog! I real living DOG! You know, a walking living breathing pooping (eww) dog! I am soo happy. MUST STUDY! That is also one of the reasons I am not on the computer so much 2.

Im depressed because my bff Gracie is moving. No, she is not moving far away. Actually, her dad was just moving. Well, hopefully we will still b bffs! Love ya Gracie!

umm...watching lie to me. Pretty much bored. O, this Lie 2 Me is really interesting...lol. Well, yeah. I can't wait till American Idol! I have a feeling that Adam Lambert will win. Hopefully he will...

Um..bored out of my head so I am going to wrap up the post.



Put a Banana In You Ear!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Grounded, and my wireless wasn't working...but I am at my dad's house where he has perfect wireless! lol. Anyways, like the title? Put a Banana In You Ear! lol. If you don't know where that is from, you are NOT a true You Tuberer. (?). I am going to tell you anyway. Charlie the Unicorn! WhhoooO! Watch them, love them.


Just finished a concert at my school like, 2 hours ago. It was pretty good actually. Besides the fact I SANG! Now I have such a bad headace...ugh. Im just chatting with Gracie....and guess what I just found out?!?!? Selena Gomez took of "My Great Movie"! Stupid haters! ugh live is too annoying. WORLD IS COMING 2 A END!


Speaking about the world, today is hug a tree day! Did you hug a tree?



Ok, that was random.


Things on my mind...
  • Tests Tests Tests!
  • Maybe sleepover with Gracie next weekend...
  • Cookies. XD
  • A book I am writing...maybe...(?)
Out with the old and in with the new...ahhh!


Peaceful sort of cold Woodstock.

Right now I am at my favorite breakfast place chillin. I am superdooper happy cuz this is the only place in woodstock where I really get wi fi. Sorry I haven't posted sooner. Btw, this is going to b a really short post cuz it is not the easiest thing to do. Anyways, Woodstock has been beautiful! All I see are trees and wonderful nature. I have been here with my friends samantha and belle since Monday night. Speaking about the night, every night here we have been watching movies on my little computer. We watched phantom of the opera, she's the man, and last night we watched tuck ever lasting. I love that movie! Lol, anyways, it is really cool because everyday we go down to the stream in front of my grandparents house. Yesterday my friends and I walked around the little town of Woodstock. I got..

- tiedye shoe laces for my black converse.
- awesome pink scarf.
- mini ugly doll ox for my backpack.
- yummy candy.

And I think that's about it. Whoops, I g2g. The food is here! Bye!



Easter Sunday...Spring yippie!

Happy Easter! My weekend was wonderful...I visited my friends gianna and anthony's house. We had so much fun! This morning I just got a big chocolate egg and some peeps. I just want to let u guys know that if you see any typos, I'm sorry cuz I am posting on my dads iPod touch. So yeah. Well right now it is pretty late...Around 12 at night. Wow, I accually thnk I'm string tired.

The sleepover was fun! As we stayed up late making funny movies. We fell asleep at 3ish. And no, we forgot to snag popcorn! Poopy. Today I just went to my moms boyfriends house and ate there. I got to go to bed now, add to the post tomorrow.



Very Very Random Sleepovers in My Pink Room

Right now it is about 3 o'clock in the morning! Gracie is @ my house right now! Anyway, we made some really funny videos and stuff. We made a 10 minute long movie called "Zoey Daze and The Quest of the Magical Converse"! I know I know, it sounds it really stupid...but it is sooo funny! Seriously, it is really good. Anyway, we made this one video...and it has all of these different songs! It is sooo funny 2. In the song "No Air" we made it look like we were choking! And during "Love Story" we got a Barbie and a Ken doll riding on a horse. We did...
  • About A Girl
  • Untouched
  • No Air
  • Love Story
  • Wake Me Up Before you Go Go
  • La La Land
  • Don't Forget
  • 4 Minutes
It was about a 15 minute movie....


Today in school was boring, except for the fact that it was a half-day! Today is the day we start Spring Break ♥! I might not post a lot...idk. I am going to be at my friend's houses all weekend, so yeah.


Omg! I forgot to tell you something really important! In school, we have to do thing project thing where we have to make 2 eggs and we ahve to take care of them for 2 weeks! This is going to be interesting...anyway here are my two eggs!

The one on the left with the pink diaper is Nicole and the one in the orange diaper is Delilah. Pretty huh? lol.


Well, Gracie and I got to go snag popcorn, so g2g, bye!

-C L A ii R 3


Here We Come!

Whats up? Wondering about the title? Well, I will tell you about that in uno memento (?). Today was pretty boring. We didn't do anything in school really. I forgot to tell you guys that I have spring break starting Thursday (half day). So, I am (sadly) still in school. One interesting thing I did 2day in school was...oh yeah! I went to the Garden Club! It was sort of fun today...but there is this really strange guy that like me was there....so yeah....


The title is about when Gracie, Aja, my sister, and I went to Gracie's town (dosen't live to far away) and we walked around and shoped till we droped! We had sooo much fun. I bought,
  • Air Heads! (they rock)
  • Awesome eye liner
  • A Coolatta
  • Black Nail Polish
Yeah, I didn't buy much...lol. Anyway, Gracie got AirHeads too! Look at some funn picz!

Watermelon POWER! (black nails moi).

Twilight poster @ Blockbuster!

The Cluckester! lol. It was this funny chicken, Aja took a pic with him!

Isn't this the cutest combination?!

Wickedly awesome clothes!

Jewelry paradise!

Rainbow Rings!

Limited Edition Ox!!!!!!!! (@ the toy store!)

lol. We had a pretty good time.....


Enjoy this fun video, by the one and only....

I hope you enjoyed!
Well, I have to go finish my homwork. Bye bye chicas!



I Just Noticed-I Am (Very) Busy X[


Just had French class yesterday. I think you sort of noticed that though. lol. Anyway, right now I am cooped up in my attic bedroom rocking out and doing my homework with Aja. XD. I have sooooo much stuff to do today (and this weekend). I have to do this D.A.R.E. essay thing this weekend. I also have to do this thing for "The Outsiders". I have to pretend I am Ponyboy and I have to write 5 letters to different people in the story. Oh FUN!


Today is the 3rd day of April! As I have been told....anyway. Today was a pretty good day. Except for the fact that I had a math test! To tell you the truth, it was really easy. I think I got 100%! Anyway, my day has been okay. I just came back from Peer Leadership like 3 hours ago. It was really fun! We just went into our school gym and played dodgeball and kick ball. I rule at both of those games. Anyway....


2Nite I am going to have a sleepover with Olivia! It is going to be sooo much fun! We are going to stay up all night making videos....oh fun! And no, I am not being sarcastic. lol. Wish me luck! XD


lol. Well, I just am really bored up in my lousy pink room. I really don't like the color pink though. It is just that my mom painted my room that color when I was little. So yeah. Well, right now I am staring at my 126 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jumping around my destop! Here is one!


Well, I g2g now. Bye!



Upstairs By The Chinese Lamp in the Afternoon Of April Fool's Day. *<=O]

Nothing is really new in one day. Except for the fact its APRILFOOLS DAY! And man, my teacher got my class good....well here is how it started. Something happened yesterday that "upset" my teacher. And, you know how we went to the High School yesterday (for the debate thing)? Well, the trick that my teacher is that she wrote a letter from the Board Of Education that said that we weren't going to this big trip at the end of the year! Our class got sooo mad! It was sort of funny...but she told us that it was a trick after my library class that I had that morning. Well, I played a little trick back. >=] I put a fake ice cube with a fake bug in the ice cube in her cup. It was so funny when she found out! Good thing she wasn't that scared of bugs...


Wondering about the blog title? Well, I am sorry I changed it again. It is just that I just finished a book called "Heart On My Sleeve". It is a super-ooper good book! Anyway, there is this girl in the book and her email address is smallboyonherbike@boscore.com, so I thought the name was super-ooper cute. So I changed it! Enjoy the new....


I have also new poems and quotes I wrote! I wrote some of them though. I have to go to my dads soon, so I will try to post later.

P.S. Sorry 4 the long title.