Put a Banana In You Ear!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Grounded, and my wireless wasn't working...but I am at my dad's house where he has perfect wireless! lol. Anyways, like the title? Put a Banana In You Ear! lol. If you don't know where that is from, you are NOT a true You Tuberer. (?). I am going to tell you anyway. Charlie the Unicorn! WhhoooO! Watch them, love them.


Just finished a concert at my school like, 2 hours ago. It was pretty good actually. Besides the fact I SANG! Now I have such a bad headace...ugh. Im just chatting with Gracie....and guess what I just found out?!?!? Selena Gomez took of "My Great Movie"! Stupid haters! ugh live is too annoying. WORLD IS COMING 2 A END!


Speaking about the world, today is hug a tree day! Did you hug a tree?



Ok, that was random.


Things on my mind...
  • Tests Tests Tests!
  • Maybe sleepover with Gracie next weekend...
  • Cookies. XD
  • A book I am writing...maybe...(?)
Out with the old and in with the new...ahhh!


  1. coolio. charileeee we are on a bridge!


    hug a tree!

  2. Hey,

    OMG Charliiiieeeee

    Okay, long story short, I went on a trip with some of my friends, but no one knew that we had seen it, so I listened to about 15 different people tell me the story, complete with Charlie voices, and when I went to tell them I heard it, they cut me off and told me to listen!


  3. Loving the randomness! Going out to hug a tree now!

  4. I like the title. I run into walls too. LOL!
    I didn't hug a tree, so now I feel bad :(.
    I'm planning on a novel, called Comatose. I won't explain what it's about. Peace!


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