Easter Sunday...Spring yippie!

Happy Easter! My weekend was wonderful...I visited my friends gianna and anthony's house. We had so much fun! This morning I just got a big chocolate egg and some peeps. I just want to let u guys know that if you see any typos, I'm sorry cuz I am posting on my dads iPod touch. So yeah. Well right now it is pretty late...Around 12 at night. Wow, I accually thnk I'm string tired.

The sleepover was fun! As we stayed up late making funny movies. We fell asleep at 3ish. And no, we forgot to snag popcorn! Poopy. Today I just went to my moms boyfriends house and ate there. I got to go to bed now, add to the post tomorrow.



  1. Sounds fun. :)
    I'm glad someone had a good Easter.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice Easter.


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