Here We Come!

Whats up? Wondering about the title? Well, I will tell you about that in uno memento (?). Today was pretty boring. We didn't do anything in school really. I forgot to tell you guys that I have spring break starting Thursday (half day). So, I am (sadly) still in school. One interesting thing I did 2day in school was...oh yeah! I went to the Garden Club! It was sort of fun today...but there is this really strange guy that like me was there....so yeah....


The title is about when Gracie, Aja, my sister, and I went to Gracie's town (dosen't live to far away) and we walked around and shoped till we droped! We had sooo much fun. I bought,
  • Air Heads! (they rock)
  • Awesome eye liner
  • A Coolatta
  • Black Nail Polish
Yeah, I didn't buy much...lol. Anyway, Gracie got AirHeads too! Look at some funn picz!

Watermelon POWER! (black nails moi).

Twilight poster @ Blockbuster!

The Cluckester! lol. It was this funny chicken, Aja took a pic with him!

Isn't this the cutest combination?!

Wickedly awesome clothes!

Jewelry paradise!

Rainbow Rings!

Limited Edition Ox!!!!!!!! (@ the toy store!)

lol. We had a pretty good time.....


Enjoy this fun video, by the one and only....

I hope you enjoyed!
Well, I have to go finish my homwork. Bye bye chicas!



  1. Yeah. that was awesome! we should do that more often.

  2. Hey claire. I deleted my last blog and made a new 1. Can you follow it plz.


  3. Mmmm...airheads. "mouth waters in delight".
    I'm glad you had fun. Spring break here in Pennsylvania is on Thursday too...so i'm looking forward to it.

  4. Angelina is my middle name. I missed the concert cause I threw up four times. Lovely Right?!

  5. Hey!
    lol, love your dance, pretty awsome!
    ive never tried Airheads because i dont think they sell them over here in England, :(
    I am obsessed with accesorises so those pics look soooo cool, but the Chicken dude looks best!
    have a fab gardening club and such.
    luv StAr x


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