Be Careful What You Wish For...

You just might get it.

lol. Hyiia. I don't get the title thing either. Anyway...

Sorry for not posting...my stupid wireless doesn't work. Ugh. More stress in my life is all I need. First of all, I HAVE to get 1st honors this marking period because my mom said she would get me a dog! I real living DOG! You know, a walking living breathing pooping (eww) dog! I am soo happy. MUST STUDY! That is also one of the reasons I am not on the computer so much 2.

Im depressed because my bff Gracie is moving. No, she is not moving far away. Actually, her dad was just moving. Well, hopefully we will still b bffs! Love ya Gracie!

umm...watching lie to me. Pretty much bored. O, this Lie 2 Me is really interesting...lol. Well, yeah. I can't wait till American Idol! I have a feeling that Adam Lambert will win. Hopefully he will...

Um..bored out of my head so I am going to wrap up the post.



  1. Oh yeahhh. Adam is winning for SURE. Luv ya 2 dollface!

  2. My dad watches Lie to Me. Is it a good show???

  3. I love American Idol to!
    The dog thing sounds soo exciting!!

  4. Choco: Yeah great show.

    Manga: Yeha it does! I can't wait!



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