I Just Noticed-I Am (Very) Busy X[


Just had French class yesterday. I think you sort of noticed that though. lol. Anyway, right now I am cooped up in my attic bedroom rocking out and doing my homework with Aja. XD. I have sooooo much stuff to do today (and this weekend). I have to do this D.A.R.E. essay thing this weekend. I also have to do this thing for "The Outsiders". I have to pretend I am Ponyboy and I have to write 5 letters to different people in the story. Oh FUN!


Today is the 3rd day of April! As I have been told....anyway. Today was a pretty good day. Except for the fact that I had a math test! To tell you the truth, it was really easy. I think I got 100%! Anyway, my day has been okay. I just came back from Peer Leadership like 3 hours ago. It was really fun! We just went into our school gym and played dodgeball and kick ball. I rule at both of those games. Anyway....


2Nite I am going to have a sleepover with Olivia! It is going to be sooo much fun! We are going to stay up all night making videos....oh fun! And no, I am not being sarcastic. lol. Wish me luck! XD


lol. Well, I just am really bored up in my lousy pink room. I really don't like the color pink though. It is just that my mom painted my room that color when I was little. So yeah. Well, right now I am staring at my 126 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jumping around my destop! Here is one!


Well, I g2g now. Bye!



  1. hey claire, it's mrs.edwardcullen. From your class.... yea, so anyway. Check out my new blog...
    would you please follow it. Thanks.


  2. hey, thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    your blog seems so interesting. I'm adding you to my blog roll :)

    and have fun at the sleep over!

  3. hiiiii! sorry i cood not rite bac soonr. i lv that "wut day is it" theeng u hav. pritee dorn cool!

  4. ps, i folowd ur blog. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!


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