Upstairs By The Chinese Lamp in the Afternoon Of April Fool's Day. *<=O]

Nothing is really new in one day. Except for the fact its APRILFOOLS DAY! And man, my teacher got my class good....well here is how it started. Something happened yesterday that "upset" my teacher. And, you know how we went to the High School yesterday (for the debate thing)? Well, the trick that my teacher is that she wrote a letter from the Board Of Education that said that we weren't going to this big trip at the end of the year! Our class got sooo mad! It was sort of funny...but she told us that it was a trick after my library class that I had that morning. Well, I played a little trick back. >=] I put a fake ice cube with a fake bug in the ice cube in her cup. It was so funny when she found out! Good thing she wasn't that scared of bugs...


Wondering about the blog title? Well, I am sorry I changed it again. It is just that I just finished a book called "Heart On My Sleeve". It is a super-ooper good book! Anyway, there is this girl in the book and her email address is smallboyonherbike@boscore.com, so I thought the name was super-ooper cute. So I changed it! Enjoy the new....


I have also new poems and quotes I wrote! I wrote some of them though. I have to go to my dads soon, so I will try to post later.

P.S. Sorry 4 the long title.



  1. Yeah, its fine that you used my "currently" thinger on the side, I copied it from someone as well. :P

    Yesss, you should for sure comment everyday, and even follow. (if you want) :)

    Aha, I love how your teacher played an april fools day trick on your class.
    At my school everyone just puts "kick me" signs on people's backs or tapes their locker. :S


  2. Happy late April Fools Day! Hehe [: Oooh, I love the name, that was clever! And the header is awesome too. Have a great weekend! :D


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