Very Very Random Sleepovers in My Pink Room

Right now it is about 3 o'clock in the morning! Gracie is @ my house right now! Anyway, we made some really funny videos and stuff. We made a 10 minute long movie called "Zoey Daze and The Quest of the Magical Converse"! I know I know, it sounds it really stupid...but it is sooo funny! Seriously, it is really good. Anyway, we made this one video...and it has all of these different songs! It is sooo funny 2. In the song "No Air" we made it look like we were choking! And during "Love Story" we got a Barbie and a Ken doll riding on a horse. We did...
  • About A Girl
  • Untouched
  • No Air
  • Love Story
  • Wake Me Up Before you Go Go
  • La La Land
  • Don't Forget
  • 4 Minutes
It was about a 15 minute movie....


Today in school was boring, except for the fact that it was a half-day! Today is the day we start Spring Break ♥! I might not post a lot...idk. I am going to be at my friend's houses all weekend, so yeah.


Omg! I forgot to tell you something really important! In school, we have to do thing project thing where we have to make 2 eggs and we ahve to take care of them for 2 weeks! This is going to be interesting...anyway here are my two eggs!

The one on the left with the pink diaper is Nicole and the one in the orange diaper is Delilah. Pretty huh? lol.


Well, Gracie and I got to go snag popcorn, so g2g, bye!

-C L A ii R 3


  1. Awww the eggs are soooo cute.
    OMG i would love to see some of those videos they sound reallly funny, lol
    have a awsome spring break
    luv StAr

  2. The movie sounds like fun, I love making things like that. Yay for spring break, I hope you have a good one! And aww the eggs are so cute [:

  3. please please please follow my blog!!!! THe videos sound really funny btw.

  4. Haha, you and Gracie seem to have the best time together.
    And those eggs are sooo cute!
    Can I please have Delilah? ^^


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