Hai. Well, I just wanted to let you guys know only about 3 things that happened 2day.

  • Olivia's Birthday
  • Going to the Mall
Yep. That is about it. Well, Olivia's birthday was OK this year. It wasn't as good as many other years though. Guess who I dressed up as?!?! No? ok. Fine, I will tell you. I was SELENA GOMEZ!
lol. She just sort of looks like me, so I just dressed up like her. Her birthday was all about fashion and stuff like that. So we created dolls and made outfits on them?

Like?? Well, some people at the party got really mean, so Grace, Alexis (my sister), Jamie (my friend), and I just ignored them. We actually had fun ((besides the meanies)).

I am going to the mall soon, so I will add more to this post about what I got later.
((IF I get anything)).

NEW BLOG! WHOOO! lol. Well, this *new and improved* blog is a blog that my friend Gracie (that I mentioned above) and I are on! Yippie! I don't really know what it is about, but we just felt like creating a blog together. It is called The Lovely State of Randomness. Don't laugh. lol. Well, idk about the name, but it is super cool. Check it out and follow!

Going to the mall, be back later!


  1. Well, you posted on my blog, so I'm returning the favor. I like your blog. It's neat and simple (I hope that's the look you were going for, b/c if it wasn't I'm sorry). I like it anyway. I really just wanted to say hi. Hi!

  2. The Lovely State of Randomness. I like it.


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