Morning Thoughts.

....Yawn. Morning! Well, I have been thinking about many different things this morning and last night.
  • my friend's birthday party in 4 days.
  • a person is particular.
  • my stupid social studies test today X[.
  • and things.
Well, my friend Olivia's birthday party is in 4 days...joy! lol. I am sort of glad that I am going because a few of my friends are going to be there, but besides that I really don't want to go.
I want to go because...
  • it is my best friends birthday.
  • it seems fun.
  • A few of my friends will b there.
  • to celebrate her birthday.
Thats about it. I sort of know who I am going to be though.

The person in particular, well that is sort of for me to know and for you to find out. But I don't think you ever will.

Btw, there is this one person ((not going to mention namez)) that I feel sort of strange hanging around them. At one point I feel fine, but then that person goes of to someone else "whispering" and "laughing". My Mom just tells me to ignore that person and to go on with my life. I think I should, but the person lives pretty close to me and she is friends with my friends. The person always wears nice clothes, but I really don't care how that person looks, because all that matters is what kind of person she is. I care if she is the nice friend that I hung out with last year. I care if she choses who she wants to be. I don't care about what kind of bag she has or what company of clothes she is wearing. I don't think of her as a person who just shops with her dad and get whatever she wants though. She is acatually really nice and fun to hang out with. I just hope we can forget our past and hold on to our wonderful future.

Anyways, I am sorry if ima making you bored.

Next subject. I have a stupid social studies test today. Wish me luck!

Got to go to school, bye!


  1. Hey there Claire!
    Gee, I am so ticked off at my MacBook right now. I love my Mac, and it is brand new, but waaaaayy overused. Ok, that was so random!!
    Haha, I like your blog. I have totally been there with a friend, and I don't know what to say. It hurt my feelings a lot.
    Oh well, at least you know I've been there, if that is any comfort.

    I think I'm gonna follow you!

  2. hehe your blog's not boring!!! I like it! You should talk to that one friend. She probably isn't the best friend in the world. I'm going to follow your blog cause it's down to earth, like me!!!


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