Rambling On and On...


Wow, summer is a-m-a-z-i-n-g so far.

Here are some (I guess interesting) things that have happened.

-Luau! (End-Of-Summer Partaay).
-Double Sleepover w/ my bestiee Gracie.
-(This one isn't that interesting, just sadd) the death of Billy Mays, Farrah Faucet, and the King of Pop Michael Jackson. :(
-Going to the Library every. single. day. (details latter :]).

Luau wass awesome! I know I know, some people are probably wondering "what are hell are you talking about???" just wait, then i might be able to answer that :). The "Luau" is a partay that my parents and I (and my sis :]) throw everyy year the day school ends. It wass so awesomee this year! (Almost) everyone in my class came, andd more! Lmao, the only thingg that stunk about the partay is that i had to invite the "Clique" to the partayy...so the whole time they put the chairs in a circle and talked. It was soo boring at first, but don't worry, we made it fun. XD

After that, Gracie and I had a double sleepover. (Go Mom's. XD). It wass awesomee! We made "You Belong w/ Me" music video (almost done...), saw the movie "My Sister's Keeper" and "Princess Protection Program", and more. As you can see, we had a bunch of funn.

Sadly, the "sex icon" Farrah Faucet, "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays have died recentley. But it sort of creeps me out how 3 famous people have all died around the same time. I know the Michael Jackson is amazing, trust me, but 9 pages in the newspaper about hiim?!? Okay...

Yeah, I go to the library every day. Accually im there now :). Well, the reason i go there now, is cuz i got my computer taken away, FOREVER! Yeah, thats what i said. Wondering whyy? Well, my (evil) sister got me in trouble....and then the tumbling snowball...
So the only reason i come here is for the computers. Aren't I lovely?

Yeahh, im going on vacation. Leaving tomorrow morning to go to my friends place in Ocean Grove for 4th o' July. It's a long drive, but totally worth it. My Dad said we are going to try to stay there till Tuesday but I don't know.

G2g, my time for the library is running out (then you better go catch it :])!
Imm suchh a dork. XD


Mindlessly Pondering,


  1. hahahaha.

    the luau was awesome.

    go catch that library time! it's getting away!

  2. sounds fun--glad you're having a great summer!


  3. I bet the luau was really fun! Same with the sleepover :) I still have yet to see My Sister's Keeper, but I really want to! And yeah I know, so many famous people died last week! Thank goodness this week didn't continue that spree of... death.

    Have fun on your vacation! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back :D


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