Black Dress w/ the Tights Underneth. XP

Hyiiia. XD
Wow, weekend goes by fast, all in a blur.
Anyway, the Music and Arts festival was awesome! Tell you about my whole weekend, coming up in a few short moments...

Wow, great day. I slept over Gracie with a couple of my buds. Olivia, Alexis, Kree, Gracie, and I had a blast. 7pm (kree wasn't here yet =[) we walked to Blockbuster. But after 5 minutes of walking in the poring RAIN, Gracie called a cab. lol, anyway. We crammed into the back seat, and went to Blockbuster. We were going to go get this really good movie called "The Cake Eaters" with Kristen Stewert. But it was rated R. Ugh..so we got Bride Wars. Well, we got home, put on our warm pjs, and started watching Bride Wars. Kree came during the movie. Then for the rest of the night, we ate Luigis italian ice and watching "The Landlord".

We were hanging out with my babi. ♥

Saturday was a blast! Woke up, we ate. We tried on makeup, different outfits, ugh. lol. Then, we walked around town, had fun. Went to Panera, prank called a couple of peoplee. Moved on. Went to a flea market. We went to this store with Webkinz in it. I don't like them, but I saw the Zebra! It is super cute.

Went back to Gracies. Ate so much junk food we probably would have gotten at least 5 cavaties. Watched Juno. Went home. what a day....

Sunday: Music and Art's festival! Tons of fun. We walked around the town. Had a blast! lol. A lot of the stuff was super cute, but the darn economy made everything soooo expensive! So after walking around the thing for an hour, we went inside this new bakery by the parade called "Crumbs". Gracie and I split a wonderful vanilla cupcake with sprinkles. Am I making your mouth water? lol. Well, here is a picture to make you more hungry... XD.

Awww. Dosen't that look good? lol. Anyway, after we walked around for 30 more awesome minutes. Then, we went to the best food on earth. Yeah, its Johnny Rockets! Yeah! Johnny Rockets, the best food place EVER (my opinion ;-]). Gracie, Alexis, and I ordered one kids meal (chicken nuggets) which came with french fries, and a drink. But we upgraded the drink to a malt and shared it. It was wonderful.

This is the wonderful (here finished) malt.

You know how they put little smiley faces on the ketchup? Well, we did it in a peace sign!

After that, we just walked to CVS and got some Air Heads. Yeah, I think im addicted. After, we walked to Barnes and Noble. There, we didn't buy any thing, but we looked through magazines and through those "little miss" books.

Yeah. Fun fun fun! lol. I had a great time a Gracie's house. After, we went to her house, made cupcakes and watched "The Cake Eaters". Wow, great weekend! XD

Best weekend ever! lol.



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  3. That sounds like fun..cupcakes and the cake eaters.

    Sweet blog!

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    Awww, zebras :D I never really understood the point of Webkinz, but the zebras are adorable anyways hehe.

    Mmmmm the cupcake looks delicious, I want it!

    Sounds like an awesometastically fun weekend (:


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