questionable questions

I want to see where the wild things are!

well, thank goshh we (as in Sophie-bofe, Alexis, and I) are going to see it tomorrow. i hope you enjoy this 1 min and 32 second preview. (:

yes, very interesting. haha. the thing that confusing me is that they got "mixed reviews". oh well, people just don't understand that sometimes you just have to be a wild thing. (;

the agenda for this weekend.
  • barnes and noble
  • movie
  • sleepover
  • friends
  • computer
yes, i know, not that exciting, but it is for me.

today i just felt like browsing at some halloweenie costumes. here are some ADORABLE ones. (:

uglydollcostume1.jpg image by findstuff22

I believe that this person is trying to be an ugly doll. five-stars for the hard work. :D

potatofront.jpg Monster Potato Costume image by librarylolita

this person was trying to be a potato, with eyes. x.x

BestCostumeEver.jpg Best costume ever image by snake_paintball
feel free to laugh. (:

these costumes were very amusing.
i have homework to get to, wish i could blogg all day...

asta manana.


  1. I really want to see WTWTA too...
    And your weekend agenda sounds a lot more exciting than mine, which is nonexistent!

  2. WTWTA was great.
    The agenda for your weekend is precisely what I did last weekend.
    It was exactly what I needed.

    I like the costumes.

  3. your agenda for this weekend is exactly mine :) i did want to go see that movie but it seems like those people animal things will give me nightmares (yes im a total wimp) have fun seeing it!

  4. i ca not wait to see "where the wild things are" as well & your weekend sounds perfect... & those costumes are super sweet!


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