wondering wondering wondering

haha, idk why I said that.
it's just a thing between my bestiess. (:

anywhoo, last weekend I went to my friend aja's birthday party. it was fun :). the whole theme of the party was "improv" like acting. we played all of these fun improv games, like this one where you have to annoy someone on a bench with out touching them till you get off. i likedd that one. (:
there, we met a lot new friendss, sophie and rachel. the good thing is that sophie lives only 8 houses away from my dad's house, so we are pretty close.

might have a sleepover this weekend with sophieee. yay, sleepovers. there the bestt. (:> 'if you haven't noticed, my smiley face has a hatt (:'.

omg, my friend told me about this concert series, called Bamboozle. and i REALLY want to go. (: some of my favorite bands (nevershoutnever, all time low...) are in it. gosh, i would seriously DIE for those tickets.

not so original,


  1. i heard of bamboozle. it sounds cool!!!!

  2. The birthday party sounds like loads of fun! What a great idea. Making new friends is always niceee, as are sleepovers! Bamboozle sounds amazing too!

  3. sounds like an awesome time at that party! And Baboozle sounds awesome!

  4. cool bloggggggggg......

  5. i was that friend who told you about bamboozle :p


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