Wonderful Sunshine.

Hyiia. :)

Rain rain go away.

Walking home was like a living hell. Man, it's raining cats and dogs. No, not really, but the rain is pouring down so hard I can hear it bouncing off my window. And im soked from the walk, thank god im back home. :)

School was okay I guess. Even though we had "Fun Day", it wasn't even close to being fun,(except for the free icecream part). :) Since it was pouring, we weren't able to go outside. So we just stayed inside playing mindless boardgames and stuff like that. Then, all you do is see me on the sidelines reading bookss...

I'm sooo excited for the last say of school tomorrow. I'm already planing my Summer To-Do List.

Summer To-Do List :)

1. Make New Friends
2. Read A Million Books (joking)
3. Go to Camp Hoover! (sailing camp)
4. Go to FireIsland with my friend Olivia.
5. Have 1 billion sleepovers with Gracie. :)
6. Eat Watermelon like there is no tomorrow.
7. Try not to get sun burn. :/
8. Pull 7 all-nighters (joking).
9. Go to the Library and put my nose in a billion of books. :)
10. Hang w./ my besties.

Thats only a few of the things I want to do....

Anywhoo, has anyone ever heard of the singer Lily Allen? Well, if you didn't click her name! That is her YouTube channel. Just to let you know, she is an amazing singer, but she sometimes curses... Check her out! :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!

With best thoughts,


  1. Lily Allen! Yes! I heard about her about 2 years ago then completely forgot about her. I liked her song called smile or something it went like "when i see you cry, it makes me smile yeah it makes me smile." I liked that song =] It's raining around where i live too! it's going to be every day for the next week! =[ so much for pool time!

  2. lol, yeah. that song is called smile. :)


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