Cartwheeling Through Life...


As you can probably tell, i enjoy speaking in different languages.

Anywhoo, Woodstock was fun. Except for the fact that my Grandmother broke her pelvis bone...so she couldn't walk. But we tried to make the best of it. It was practically like any other visit to Woodstock, sauntering through the town, going to the wonderful Tinker Toy Shop, gulping down 32 ounce slushies, and playing nonstop Spider Solitaire on my Grandfathers computer. Yep.

I wish Gracie could of came with me. Then we could saunter through the town together....
I was texting her the whole time...but anyway.

Right now im at our public library. I practically read all of the books, so I decided to go on the computer and make this little blog post. X]


Sarcasticly Speaking,


  1. Oh I hate that when you see all of these books that you've already read so you wish you could unread them so you can read them again.

  2. I hope your grandma heals quickly! I'm glad you had fun regardless, with your sauntering and slushies and whatnot :) And I hate how they never seem to get any good new books at the library :P


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