The Magical Genna Is Here. :)

Hello! :)

Finally, schools over!

I'm sooo happy, I have been waiting for this moment for...ummm...idk, but it was for a while :). If you have noticed, imm super happy, so im going to put a bunch of smiley faces in this post, and the first person to tell me how many smileys gets...to win! lol.

I am really happy that school is over, but i'm going to miss all of my besties in my classroom. So, just sending a shoutout to all of my besties in my class! :)

Today in our school we had this awards ceremony thing...and happily I won some awards. :)
They are...

-Chorus Award
-Perfect Attendance (had it for my whole life). :)
-Peer Leadership
-Best Art Award
-And Perfect Attendance for the whole school year (3 years).

Yeah, I guess I did pretty good. :)

This weekend i might be going to go visit my dieing grandmother, wow, that sounds like fun! But, the thing that stinks is that i'm going to have to miss my friends birthday partay. :( But if you are wondering why I haven't posted, that is because i'm not going to be here. :)

Like my new blog name? :)


P.S. Love this sonngg..



  1. I love your new blog name! very pretty and it works just right. I can't believe you get perfect attendance! I could never do that. I always need to take a personal day off every once in a while to control the stress. I counted 9 smiles and 1 frown. =D

  2. I like the new little blog header thingy!

    Yay for school being over! And yay for smiley faces! :) Whoa, perfect attendance for your whole life? Now that is impressive.

  3. Yeayy! Jessica wonn! Sorry, but you don't get anythingg....

  4. Can you tell me what I did that made you want to vomit?

  5. WAIT! I found out. I left a comment that said your outfit made me want to vomit. Pretty nasty. Sorry about that. If it was about your outfit I don't know what I was thinking because it's actually not bad. Well, I just wanted to apologize for being a wiener. Hopefully you'll read this and comment on my blog to tell me how you feel.

  6. I love the new title!

    I know, right? Thank GOD it's finally summer!

    Nicee. As always, you're winning so many awards. XD

    Peaches come! In a can! They were put there by a man! In a factory DOWNtown!

    Have a nice week!

  7. Listen, I was thinking about that comment all day. The one you left me. And you confused me. When I said " Claire's makes me want to vomit." I was talking about the store. I hope you understand. I didn't mean that you or your outfit made me vomit! The store. By the way I truly do love the title.


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